This Is How Significant the Hirofouna Festival Is

fprotocollebThe Hirafouna festival is held to bring together small and medium companies that are in the business of arts and crafts. Patriarch Saint Nasrallah Botrous Sfeir has been tasked with the responsibility of directing the activities of the exhibition. If you are in the field of painting, making of sculptures and other handmade house accessories then this exhibition is for you. Gather together with other friends of FProtocol to showcase your talent to the world.

Your skill, your livelihood

It is encouraged that those with live skills to come and sell them just as the others are doing. The Hirafouna festival held severally over the years has raised quite a lot of money for the exhibitors because art is a commodity that cannot be replicated. When you are in the business of handicrafts and you discover this concept, then the profit making aspect of business is realized.

Music you know

Since an exhibition in most cases lasts for the whole day, FProtocol organizers have stand by entertainment to keep the crowd lively. Apart from recorded music, there are also live singers that hype the participants. It is always refreshing to carry out an interesting activity with your favorite music singing in the background. The music mixes heard at these events are bound to be sort for afterwards by people who are holding private functions and are looking for sound services. It is therefore important to do your best if called to perform at such an event because it may create future opportunities.

The Lebanese cuisine

The Hirafouna festival is also an opportunity for traditional Lebanese cooks to run food kiosks. The busy modern lifestyle that makes people all around the world to opt for takeout, fast foods and quick fix meals is not a strange concept here. This is therefore a prefect even for people to sample some of their traditional foods. Since it is an exhibition, these foods are normally prepared with the ingredients and equipment used traditionally. It is a good opportunity therefore to learn one or two culinary tricks which you can later use to charm your family and friends.

Bring your family

Exhibitions organized by FProtocol are usually family events with an item of interest for every member. We will therefore provide a kids section where there will be games and goodies specially prepared with kids in mind. As you enjoy the art, music and food of the day, keep an eye on your child to avoid time wastage in the event that they get lost into the crowd.

Tourist attraction

For tourists and foreign nationals working in Lebanon, schedule your stay to coincide with this exhibition. It is a perfect opportunity to sample the food, music and hospitality of the people. This is also a great pass time for students and scholars in these parts of the world. Instead of getting bored in your room during the duration of the exhibition, just step out and experience the creativity of other people.

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