Plan Your Trip to Vietnam A General Overview

With a rich ancient culture, attractive natural beauty and a friendly population, Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

While most travelers appreciate the colorful and delicious local cuisine with its special flavors, many like to mention the great cultural wealth of this country.

Travel Vietnam brings a lot of unforgettable experience. Even with a small budget, a join group tour package will still allow you to spend very good time in this country and do a lot of amazing discoveries.

Vietnam provides an affordable destination for all types of visitors. You can enjoy your stay in a small family hostel or a 5 star beach resort if you prefer a special holiday; eat in a budget restaurant as well as a sumptuous one; choose private road transports, that however can be a little tricky if you are not able to clearly negotiate the price in advance, or just sharing the bus with other travelers.

Vietnam shows different aspects of its beauty and the interesting side of the everyday and cultural life as well: Next to noisy cities, full of scooters and street food vendors, you will find vast fields of rice and campaigns, and some more magnificent coastline with tropical beaches, and wild nature. All will help you to understand the culture of this extraordinary country.

Throughout the journey from Hanoi to the beautiful beaches of Nha Trang, from the mountains of Sapa, region that draws tourists in large numbers as it has plenty of scenic beauty as well as the center of cross-cultural influences in the nation, to the complex canals of Mekong delta, you’ll be amazed of the diversity that you not just can observe but absorb too. Visit the temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Riep, feeling the slow pace life in the quiet streets of Luang Prabang, recognized by Unesco as World Heritage.

The highlights of this combination will include the relaxation of the beach paradise of Mui Ne, Hoi An and the ancient atmosphere of Hue, a cruise in the beautiful Halong Bay aboard of a traditional junk, or cultural visit to two of the most colorful cities in South East Asia: Hanoi, a beautiful city where the heritage of a subtle French elegance is touchable, and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly named Saigon), an energetic metropolis of eight millions residents with its charming and fascinating architecture, the capitals of North and South Vietnam respectively. The big cities are packed with street vendors and you should be aware that they sell their merchandise to tourist at a price ten times bigger than to local people.

Even if in a general overview, it is impossible don’t mention the Cu Chi Tunnel, around 70 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, an unbelievable network of 121 kilometer (75 miles) of underground tunnels, built and used as shelter by Vietnamese soldiers and people during the war against the Americans. They are situated into the jungle and the trap door when closed was totally camouflaged, and almost undetectable. There you can see everything needed for the everyday life: kitchens, surgery and emergency rooms, dormitories. However, the life was not easy above all because of ants, poisonous insects, scorpions, spiders and vermin. For a tourist it is a little difficult to come and walk in because of the low height of the ceiling and the minimal width of the inside walls, but after a deep breath it is possible to visit it unless you are claustrophobic!

Vietnam’s climate is variable depending of the regions: The tropical southern is warm all year round, with two season – form May to October the hottest - while the mountainous north has a more temperate climate, four seasons with a somewhat of cooler winter. By the way, keep in mind that basically during most months of the year you will experience sunshine and rain in variable amount.