Plan A Destination Wedding To Take Your Marriage Vows

California, the third largest state in America is a diverse collection of natural wonders. From the beaches to mountains and deserts to valleys, plateaus and basins, California with its rich natural diversity is an ideal location for destination weddings.

What are destination weddings?

Simply put a destination wedding is the celebration of the wedding ceremony in a place which is away from home. It generally takes place in some picturesque destination around the world. With many places to choose from around the world, couples are generally spoilt for choice. Yet it has been seen that California destination weddings are increasingly becoming popular because they:

  • Offer a wide variety of picturesque locales like the Napa Valley, the Orange County, and San Diego etc.
  • Are extremely affordable and offer comfortable choices for
    • Intimate and private weddings,
    • Weddings with limited group of friends and
    • Grand weddings with hundreds of guests.

Some locations offered by California

Some locations which have gained popularity for being the ideal hosts to several California destination weddings are:

  • The Orange County: Luxurious beaches and beautiful seaside hotels make this place an ideal destination for couples looking for a sun and surf type of wedding.
  • Los Angeles: This dream city where the rich and famous stay is well-known for its ritzy yet classically chic weddings.
  • San Diego: This place has the sun shining almost throughout the year. Hence anyone looking for a down-to-earth locale steeped in history would find the sunny San Diego an ideal location.
  • San Francisco: This place has a charm and sophistication of its own and people looking for a perfect backdrop for their wedding photos would find this place pretty attractive and enduring.
  • Napa valley: Famous for its vineyards, the Napa Valley is full of breathtaking scenery and understated elegance making it an ideal place for a destination wedding.

Things to keep in mind when opting for a destination wedding

Since the wedding effectively takes place at a place away from home, it is best to

  • Select the wedding destination with the help of a travel agent and destination wedding planner so that the feasibility of the plan can be checked out,
  • Start planning for the wedding around 9 to 15 months in advance,
  • Check out the legal requirements of getting married in the destination chosen and get the legal documents and formalities in place before proceeding for the wedding destination,
  • Inform the guests in advance so that they can plan and budget accordingly.

The wedding planners should also ensure the availability of an onsite wedding coordinator who can help iron out any problems that crop up during the course of the stay for the wedding.