How to Throw The Ultimate Diaper Party

What is a diaper party? Well the diaper party is the man’s version of a baby shower, with a bachelor party twist. There are many ways you can do this. Typically they are located at the bar, although you can do it at the same place as the baby shower. The guys can be in the den watching the football game or in the yard grilling the food for everyone to eat.

The only real rule to a diaper party is that every guest has to bring a bag of diapers. Simple right. Well this will help you will some ways of throwing the party and staying in budget.


  1. First thing you need to do is get with the person planning the baby shower. This might be your wife so it is pretty simple. But if it isn’t then you need to find out who it is and ask them when and where they are planning it.
  2. If the person throwing the party is doing it at their house then you need to ask them if it is okay if you throw a diaper party in their back yard. If they ask tell them. Make sure they know that you plan to bring alcohol. (If you don’t drink then bring other drinks)
  3. Let them know that you are planning on providing Bar B Que for the men to cook while they are out there.
  4. If the person throwing the baby shower has agreed to do this ask them if they can put a note in the invitation about the diaper party and that all men are to bring a bag of diapers.
  5. If the person throwing the baby shower has not agreed to the party and your house is free that is even better because you don’t have to take anything any where. Just ask the person throwing the shower to add that into the invitation. In case the person doing it is a real you know what you might end up having to send out your own which a man’s invitation is typically just word of mouth so you are fine on that one.
  6. After you do that you need to tell your wife that you need Bar B Que food. Or if she is the one throwing the shower then you need to give her a break and go get it yourself. You are the master Quer anyway so go do your thing.
  7. After everyone has started to arrive you are on your own. Make sure that you have everything out for them to do. Basketball, football, a radio with the game on or if at all possible you could move the tv to the patio for them to watch the game while they are out there. Just make sure it isn’t going to rain.

3 Fresh Features Possible With Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

During their birthdays, kids can be given plenty of gifts and games. Their friends and relatives arrive in the venue and make sure that the unique kids birthday party can be interesting and memorable. There is lot of stress being given these days for adding special flavour for the birthdays. Not only do the kids demand for such enjoyments, but parents are also keen on using the different birthday party ideas to ensure that this particular day in the lives of their children, is memorable for the unique and unusual activities. While some parents would wish to take their kids for vacations, the unique birthday party ideas for kids can be innovative as well as special by outdoor games and activities.
•    Going out to party with unique ideas – The special feature about the unique kids birthday party is the outing for which the kids can find something adventurous to do. They will be able to handle the activities on their own, because it will allow them to carry on with outdoor activities in fields, forests and camps. If parents are able to find out one day for dedicating to their kid’s birthday parties, then the road trips or outings can be quite interesting. Not only will the children be able to enjoy the trails of nature in these outside settings, but can be proud to have some unique kids birthday party.

•    Healthy, entertaining and awareness about nature – Involving the children in various outdoor activities can be extremely entertaining, and also healthy. When kids, about to go into college or even when in college, can engage in interesting games in the outdoor locations, so that it helps them maintain good health. Going out for camping activities and nature treks can be very healthy for them, due to the fresh air and physical exercise. When a forest trip or camping trip is organised under different birthday party ideas, people will have to take these up in preference to the usual venues in clubs or houses. Instead, getting exposed to the outside air and fresh environment can be quite invigorating.

•    Making the outings special during birthday celebrations – When the special unique birthday party ideas for kids are put forward, they are also enthusiastic about these days. Since these are organised during their birthdays, it has special meaning for them, because they can use the occasion to undertake some adventurous activities with their parents, friends and other members, who arrive in such outdoor locations. In the natural surroundings, they can learn a lot from their venue, go through the team spirit of working with friends and also become conscious about the environment.

For the modern day kids, going to the forests or the nature trails, to enjoy the advantages is a special occasion. They are required to come out of the shell of studies and home environment and experience nature first hand. Since many of these children are not able to go to forested areas, the different birthday party ideas can be instrumental in helping them play in the natural surroundings.

North India Tour-an Escape in Delight

Exhausted mind, body & soul intensely cry for rejuvenation. To revive its lost energy, an individual goes in the lap of beautiful nature. Each one has unique taste for getting charged-up. Some take shelter in hill stations while some prefer adventurous expedition, such as trekking mountain, rafting on fast currents etc.. A short break from daily regime kicks up their energy level too. After that, he/she becomes ready to back to daily hectic schedule.

Have you ever planned excursions to incredible India? Not yet! Then, begin it with north India excursions. Have faith, fun at it is unbeatable! It will be pennywise complete paid off to you! North India Tour Packages from Delhi aboard you on the thrill-wagon where happiness, excitement, bursts of laughter and mind-boggling landscapes hypnotize you.

For projecting any place, exploring the heart paints its accurate picture. Touring or excursions fits absolutely to this statement. So, begin your excursion with Delhi, the capital city & one of the metropolitan cities of India. Don’t go lost in its honking vehicles, skyscraping buildings and streamlined structures. It has an illuminating yet heart-trembling history underlying. It has seen the mighty invaders Mughals, Turks and Persians who trampled it profusely under their knees many-a-times. But still, it is flourishing.

Visiting crumbling havelis in puzzle-like narrow lanes of Old Delhi will fan the excitement to go deep to its history. On the other hand, Edward Lutyen’s New Delhi gives stunning look due to its streamlined lanes of houses. Red Fort, Old Fort, Humayun Tomb, Rajghat and India Gate tempt you to explore it more for witnessing amazing architectures.

The 1857 Mutiny Tour turns over the pages of history before you when British rule crushed the heads of mutinying Indians. It was the very first attempt of Indians who protested against the British rule.

Tracing the true picture of potters’ life, Delhi has its pottery village where all artisans of potters’ family carve clay. It’s amazing to view the clay coming to life, really.

For religious souls, Delhi’s Akshardham temple along with Mathura, Vrindavan & Haridwar in Uttar Pradesh will take you to interact with divinity on this earth. The former temple glimpses you the unique mingling of contemporary technology & creative style of craftsmanship with spirituality.

Your heart will die to miss a beat every time when you will have one of the Seven Wonders of the World i.e. the Taj, before your eyes. Its overlay intricate carvings in its design add magnificence to this dumbstruck monument.

For getting the true feel of soil, what other than that of Rajasthan’s pink city will be suitable! Don’t wonder as it’s the fact sand is spilled all over its ground. It has turned greener. The folk, its folk tales, folk dance, forts, palaces and museums will freeze your feet to catch their glimpse again & again.

For crazy freaks of handicraft accessories and traditional ethnic wears, Chandni Chowk and Jaipur are decked with small to big masterpieces. Hunger pangs will go crazy in want of more after getting taste of Indian cuisines, especially in Delhi’s aranthewali Galli.

Happy Birthday Songs for Kids from Tutitu.TV

Learning and enjoying while learning are two main phases for a kid’s life. Learning with music and rhythms are the best way of learning. The happy birthday songs for kids may be a rhyme set to music, a song that young children love to share among themselves or a modern creation intended for entertainment, use in the home or as an education. Although children’s songs have been recorded to teach them the best, they appear to be universal in human society. Learning can be fun when it comes to visualizations. Children learn more quickly when show them the facts rather than going on telling them the stories.

Birthday is the occasion where every child wants to be the part of celebration. On this occasion every child loves to hear the greetings and blessings for themselves. To make this occasion more realistic and enjoyable happy birthday songs for kids are the most adorable part that every kid can enchant during the time of celebration. Happy birthday songs for kids are the other way of celebrating birthday in better way. Wordings are simply translated into music with rhythm and sounds. There are many songs for kids that can make them happy and feel special but birthday songs are the only best part of the birthday occasions. Teaching your child a birthday song can be difficult but teaching it with rhymes and videos can be more fun.

Learning phase is one of the most important phases of a child life. Every parent wants that their child should learn the best and grow well; now a days the best way to teach your child new things is as this is the only source where your child can learn new things and enjoy their learning phase as toddlers. has lots of features that grab the attention of your child while learning. Some of the main characteristics of are that it has a huge collection of toddlers learning videos and games. This way of learning will not divert the mind of your child and help them in learning those things which are needed by them at their present age.

These days, parents have their contemplations on essential instruction of children and it is truly vital for them to discover the best place to instruct kids at home. It is capable step taken by a portion of the site to give general features to children from which they will have the capacity to perceive the words and characters before hitting the opposition in schools. Presenting new ways to teach their children new things are one of the easiest ways to handle the children for every parent.

Celebrating Your 25th Birthday – An Important Halfway Point

Life creeps on quickly before you realizing that you have completed the 25 years of your life. The 25th birthday is an important phase of life when you are expected to accomplish something out of your life. It represents an important juncture before that big three-O that you hope to achieve by the 30th year. When you hit thirty, you are supposed to be happily married with a good job and a nice house. By the 25th year, people hope that they are well on their way to get settled within 5 years. It is the time to celebrate and appreciate the path that you have taken out to achieve your dreams. The 25th birthday signifies stability and foundation and hence most of the 25 year grown up look to host a birthday party that is a little more sensible and grown-up.

One of the best ways to celebrate the 25th year is by hosting a theme party. Since the 25 years signifies the silver anniversary, a lot of silver decoration can be added to the party. This adds both elegance and is an interesting theme for the special night. Silver grasses, silver beads and plastic colored silver fedoras are great party favors or prizes for the birthday party games. Silver or platinum colored cups, plates and napkins can usually be found with intricate designs in ink or embossed on them for the guests to eat off of.

The games form an integral part of any birthday celebration. The 25th birthday party games should represent the mid juncture between the youth and maturity. The games can be chosen that would include parents and also their young children together with the couples. Many of the guests will want to bring their children and spouse so this party is more likely to be one of the sedate family get-togethers than the wild parties that are thrown for younger people. Games with reasonable activity levels and simple rules will best bridge the age gap between the guests.

The New York city offers several world renowned hotels and restaurants that provide spectacular event spaces to hold your 25th birthday party. A little bit of imagination and innovation together with the spectacular New York event spaces is sure to make your 25th birthday a most memorable one.

Ways to Promote your College Fest

The success of every college fest depends on the response that it gets from the masses. Hence, promoting your fest is a very important task in organizing a college fest. Though, it is not always about the numbers, it is a great feeling when your college fest is well received. The more participants, the more fun it is. If your campus can accommodate a large crowd, you should definitely go forward and promote your fest in a larger scale.

Misconception: Promoting to a larger crowd costs more.

Reality: With more students living a virtual life on the Internet, now it is practically very easy to promote your college fest to thousands of students. The amazing features of Facebook Pages and Groups can be harnessed to invite your friends to the fest. They in turn may invite their friends. If you have around 15 to 20 people who would invite their friends, you will have around 1000 students who may attend your fest. This is just an example; you might even do much better. Websites, which provide information on college fests, give you the option to promote your fest to thousands of students who are looking for a fest to attend. Some of the top websites to promote your fest are, and

Misconception: Only the Big Colleges get more participation.

Reality: Though it is true that the big colleges get more participants, it is not true that only they should get more participation. It all comes down to how you promote your college fest. It is generally easier for the more famed colleges to promote their event better and at the same time, it completely depends on the team that organizes the event/fest. If you don’t have college fame on your side, nothing to worry, all you have to do is create a good front and then start your promotion.

Here is a checklist for promoting your fest:

1) Decide the theme:

Good themes have a very good impact on the success of the college fest. It creates an emotional impact on the organizers and the participants as well. Some examples for College Fest themes - ‘Protect the Environment’, ‘Be the Change’, ‘Learn By Doing’, ‘Reinvent’, ‘More Tech’.

2) Design your Logo, Posters and Website:

Branding, as they call it is what connects your audience with you. Branding your college fest helps make a social connection with your audience. Branding your fest can be started of with a good tagline/theme. Then comes the design of the Logo, Posters and the website. You can give out a call to all your college mates to come up with their own designs forselection and you will be surprised to know how much talent there is in your college.

3) Create a Facebook Page and post regularly:

Facebook as said earlier is the easiest way to connect with students and get them involved with your event. Post your updates and announcements in your Facebook Page/Group and also you can have an online contest or quiz.

4) Publish your fest in websites like, and Technical Symposiums:

Many students of many colleges go to these websites to look for college fests, symposiums and cultural fests to attend. Publishing your fest in these websites will get you a larger audience.

5) Go for sponsorships after you have done your Online Promotion well, this can help you get better Sponsors:

Most of the sponsors look at how popular your fest is before they can approve a sponsorship. Hence, it is very important that you put up a good front for them to look at. Your Online Promotion (which you can do without spending any money) helps you get better sponsorship by enhancing your presence online.

6) Send invitations to colleges. First, to colleges nearby and then to colleges in other places:

Sending official invitations with college fest posters to other colleges are a very standard and necessary part of promotion. College administrators take in these invitations and put up your posters in their notice boards. This will give you more promotion from an official source. First, send the invites to the colleges near you, as those students are more likely to attend your fest. Then, send them to colleges in other places from where you expect students to turn up.

Top 10 Harbin Ice Festival Tours

Ice Festival Harbin offer you top 10 tour packages with the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. You will see the fantastic ice buildings, ice castles, ice sculptures, ice lanterns, and snow sculptures, enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, dog/horse sledding, watch winter swimming performance, make snowman, enjoy the delicious northern Chinese food and Russian food, have a safari in the Siberian Tiger Park, experience the local ice and snow culture, and traditions…All these Harbin Ice Festival Tours are private tours, designed exclusively for you. You may also design it by yourself, and we will do it!

Top 1:
3 Days Harbin Ice Festival Tour
Consistently our best selling Harbin snow ice festival tour. This trip covers theme parks of the ice festival, plus plenty of time to explore the historical and cultural sites in Harbin City.

harbin ice festival tour

Top 2:
3 Days Harbin Ice Festival and Russian Flavor Tour
On this classical trip, we will spend the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, and experience the authentic Russian culture, historical sites and more…

harbin china festival tour

Top 3:
6 Days Ultimate Harbin Tour Package
Spend International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival with Harbin expert guide! Including skiing, ice lantern show, ice and snow sculptures, ice and snow world, winter swimming watching, interesting ice and snow activities, delicious Chinese and Russian food…

china's snow town tour

Top 4:
4 Days Harbin Ice and Snow World Tour
This is a perfect trip to Harbin ice festival 2014! Make safari-style adventure, enjoy skiing in the world-class ski resort, get lost in the wonderland of ice and snow world in the evening and more.

tour harbin ice and snow festival

Top 5:
5 Days Harbin Winter Adventure Tour
The itinerary offers a tour of ice festival including the main attractions in Harbin. An overnight stay in the awesome beautiful China’s Snow Town affords unique opportunities to experience the local peasants’ life as well as dog- sledding or snowmobiling through the forest.

tour China's Snow Town

Top 6:
4 Days Harbin Winter Tour
This Harbin winter trip provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility to see all the highlights of Harbin in winter and experience Harbin’s incredible nature and culture at your own pace. Get intimate contact with the Siberian tigers and have an excellent chance of skiing in Erlongshan Ski Resort.

harbin ice festival tour

Top 7:
3 Days Harbin Family Winter Holidays
This year our NEW family experience program provides winter fun for the entire family. Making a winter trip to Harbin a memory that will never be forgotten. This is not some ordinary theme parks! Ice and Snow World, Ice Lantern Show, Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Siberian Tiger Park, ice skating, sleigh rides, tubing, skiing, and dog sledding are just the beginning of a memorable winter tour to Harbin.

harbin snow festival tour

Top 8:
5 Days Harbin Ski Holidays
This popular tour will give you the opportunity to witness the best of Harbin. The magic, tranquility and stunning beauty of the Harbin’s winter will surround you like a downy quilt. The itinerary includes both skiing in Yabuli and highlights of the ice and snow festival. There’s a lot to see and do on the trip – great scenery is just the beginning.

harbin ski tour

Top 9:
5 Days Unforgettable Harbin and China’s Snow Town Tour
This winter travel package of Harbin will be an unforgettable experience in your life-time, from the ice lantern fair to the ice and snow world, from the International Snow Sculpture Expo to Harbin Polarland, from the Siberian Tiger Park to the Snow Town…this trip has it all. Take your camera, lots of great scenes await!

harbin china tour

Top 10:
5 Days Skiing in Harbin Tour
Experience the most remarkable and unique trip to Harbin where you will be amazed by a blend of ice & snow sculptures and beautiful ice lanterns, with the most fascinating and invigorating winter activities in the city. You will explore Manchu people’s culture & history and enjoy their special food.

tour harbin china

5 Princess Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Birthday parties for kids are getting more convoluted day by day and sometimes a simple theme is not pleasing enough for a kids’ birthday party. Every parent wants to celebrate his/her kids’ birthday party in a very creative, special and organized format. If you are thinking of doing something innovative for your little girl’s upcoming birthday, one great idea would be to implement an exciting princess birthday party theme. Here I will share some creative princess birthday party ideas with you.

1. Princess Theme – A Fantasy Party Your Princess will Love!

Every little girl wants to be a princess and by creating a princess birthday party theme you can make her dream come true. You can select royal colors for the princess theme like purple, pink, gold or silver. According to the color theme, decorate the party area with balloons, streamers, glitters and flags. To give a royal touch to the party you can create a princess castle with a large appliance box and decorate with glitters, markers and crayons. Princess castle will not only provide a great party decoration but it will also serve as a tool of entertainment for your little princess and her friends.

2. Cinderella Theme – Every Little Girl’s Dream

Cinderella birthday party theme with party games, supplies crafts and decorations will really create a great magic in the party. For Cinderella theme you can pick majestic colors like pink, lavender, light blue and white. Then according to the color theme decorate the party area with pink, silver and blue sequins and plenty of balloons and streamers.  Set the table with matching plates, napkins, candies and frosted cupcakes and also create a fancy palace party area for your little cute princess.

3. Fairy Theme – Creating the Magical World of Fairies

Fairy theme is another classic princess birthday party theme idea. Arrange a birthday party in an enchanted fairy garden to give a fascinating look. Decorate the enchanted garden with glittery fairy wings, flower headbands and sprinkle some glitter to give the illusion of fairy dust. Use mushroom toadstools, flower vase glasses, linen napkins, fine porcelain china and cutlery. Set themed interactive activities and games. An enchanted fairy party theme will best suit on the girls between the ages of three to eight.

4. Unicorn Theme – Add Magic & Flare in the Party

The Unicorn princess birthday theme will surely add flare, magic and fantasy to your daughter’s party. Decorate the party area with streamers and balloons and sprinkle some glitter and flowers on the table. Turn your party area into a magical unicorn forest and include themed interactive games like the golden unicorn horn quest.

5. Barbie Theme – The Favorite Princess Birthday Party Theme

Another innovative princess birthday party idea is the Barbie birthday theme. This is an all time favorite of all little girls. The Barbie theme includes Barbie lollipop, lip gloss, gel pens, Barbie invitations, and Barbie gift bags.  Pink or lavender should be the main color schemes for the party. Little girls can bring their Barbie dolls and play dress up.

Although there are almost infinite birthday themes ideas but the above cited princess birthday party themes are the most popular themes for birthday girls. Opting these popular princess birthday party themes will certainly make your little girl’s birthday a very memorable event.

Leeds Festival Tickets

After a successful first year in Leeds, a continued resurgence in the popularity of outdoor music festivals led to the Reading festival selling out more and more quickly every year. The Leeds leg, however, was plagued by riots and violence which led to problems in retaining its licenceThe worst of these was in 2002, after which Mean Fiddler moved the festival to Bramham Park, near Bramham north-east of Leeds in 2003. Since then, security at both sites has increased and problems have been reduced. Although the Bramham Park site presents more challenges to the stage builders, it is far better suited to the needs of festival goersThe early 2000s saw a varied but predominantly rock line-up, though as the decade has progressed the Main Stage and Radio 1 Stage line-up has featured mostly Indie artists. However, one day  is still traditionally set aside for hard rock and metal.
Last year, the stages were graced with the presence of Metallica, The Killers, Bloc Party, The Cribs, CSS, Queens Of The Stone Age and Vampire Weekend amongst many, many other artists at the festivals that take place over August Bank Holiday weekend (28-30 August)..

Leeds Festival is the sister to the long standing Reading event with performances from lovable indie lads, Blur and an amazing set from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.The first event was held in Temple Newsham Park, however, after some trouble the event was moved in 2003 to a new home Branham Park.
Amidst the commerciality which has been the butt of the discerning festival goer’s jokes, The Carling Weekend has pulled in many huge acts from all genres of music.
leeds festival director by  Mean Fiddler’s director of festivals, Melvin Benn is one of the most powerful men in the UK festival industry, with Glastonbury, Homelands, and Reading/Leeds all part of his portfolio of responsibility. From his calm manner, you wouldn’t think this is one of the busiest men in music but perhaps that’s exactly the quality you need to succeed when dealing with dilemas by the dozen load, in his case over two sites hundreds of miles apart! Today he kick-starts a series of fortnightly interviews, as VF quizes all the main festival organisers about their events and where they might be going next year - starting with the Carling Reading and Leeds festivals, held consecutively every August bank holiday weekend.

Leeds festival line up include Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead,Rage Against The Machine, The Killers, Metallica,Razorlight, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins,Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Pearl Jam.

How to Host Murder Mystery Party?

Have you all walked on to the ramp of fun, music & desserts in parties & night outs? Your eye lit up. I’m sure, you all have. Hey, you party freaks! Have you ever attempted or witnessed murder? Believe me! It will leave you tickling funny bones. Come on! Don’t be confused. Let me reveal what I have in my veil. It’s Murder Mystery party in perfect Scottish style! What are you waiting for? Run over your eyes along my murder mystery write-up.

At one moment you will get the exact feel of party-visitor. But be alert as the very next moment can take your breath away in this party. It unfolds every shade of human life, either its light or grey. Thrill is its real essence. So, here we step-in the actual euphoria via murder mystery designed in easier way:

Step 1: Dressed-up in character style, your invited guests will hit the party in disguise. Distribute chits to each & every character. Now, your guests will have every detail in chits to live 2 hours among alien characters & for self too. Let they, themselves, slip in that strange character as per handful of acting tips mentioned in chits.

Step 2: Now, you take up the stage as host. Raise a toast with an introduction to the party. Read apparently how the night will proceed; how the mystery will make a round. But, there will be no proper script.

Step 3: Mingling will grow intimacy among guests. Sensation will grip the air. Each guest will have readymade envelop in hand. This intimacy will fuel up sleuthing. See your friends growing cunning during this amusing play.

Step 4: What, Murder occurs! It will not be dreaded lulls.

Step 5:  Halt! Here comes the investigator. Investigator will exchange words for further proceeding. All will get vivid description of future play, more info & objective to move on the party.

Step 6: Investigator will present evidence. Guest will start reviewing the evidence before making final accusation. Determining fate will fetch grim & profuse fun.

Step 7: Now, host will hand out accusations sheets. Guests will stress their mind to pick out the murderer. Award ceremony will come out as stress buster. Voting will occur for the best dressed, best acting etc..

Step 8: Finally, Murder mystery will be cracked. Investigator will unveil the mystery reading explanation & will distribute awards.

Instead of sitting around table and saying ‘cheers’, you will have burst into unparalleled entertainment.  Without any proper scripting, utilising no pencils, you will do conspiracies, weave traps. Seriousness and gloom will never appear in their actual face. They will reflect as if jokes are cracked. Complications will itself say ‘I am not so complicated at all’.  No guest will feel alone. None will be sidelined as intricacies will accomplice you too. You won’t believe witnessing how really hypocrite, shrewd & cunning your friends are. Spontaneity lies in every character that keeps the party alive!