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1910s Areas:
Picture 1.    McKim, Mead and White. Taken on 1913.
Picture 2.    New York City skyline. Taken on 1912.
Picture 3.    Lower Manhattan Skyline. Taken on 1912.
Picture 4.    New York City Street Scene. Taken on 1910s.
Picture 5.    Broadway and Herald Square, looking north. Taken on 1911.
Picture 6.    From Borough Hall. Taken on 1911.
Picture 7.    St Paul Church. Taken on 1918.
Picture 8.    Automatic Vaudeville, Union Sq. Taken on 1910.
Picture 9.    Downtown skyline with Singer Building., 1910. World's tallest. Taken on 1910.
Picture 10.    Downtown skyline with Woolworth Building., 1913. World's tallest. Taken on 1913.
Picture 11.    Birdseye, 1913, with artist's enhancement. Hand colored. Taken on 1913.
Picture 12.    Federal Crowd Control, 1918. Machine guns in front, modified phalanx. Soldiers on sides assigned to upstairs windows. Wilson feared antiwar riots, losing mind to small strokes. Taken on 1918.
Picture 13.    Car races train on billboard, Madison Avenue at 42nd Street, 1910. Taken on 1910.