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1900s Areas:
Picture 1.    View of Municipal Building from Centre Street. Taken on Jan. 1904.
Picture 2.    City Hall Subway Station. Taken on May 25 1907.
Picture 3.    NYC Cortlandt Street. Taken on 1900.
Picture 4.    NYC Post Office and Horse Drawn Trolley. Taken on 1900.
Picture 5.    New York City Battery Park. Taken on 1900.
Picture 6.    Old New York Times Building. Taken on 1900.
Picture 7.    New York City skyline. Taken on 1909.
Picture 8.    Lower New York. Taken by A. Loeffler on 1900.
Picture 9.    Lower New York and the Battery. Taken by A. Loeffler on 1907.
Picture 10.    New York Skyscrapers Taken by B. McIntosh on 1904.
Picture 11.    902 to 920 Broadway, between 20th and 21st Streets. Taken on 1906.
Picture 12.    Manhattan bridge under construction. Taken on March 1903.
Picture 13.    High buildings in lower New York. Taken on 1908.
Picture 14.    Battery Place Building. Taken on July 1906.
Picture 15.    Pedestrian overpass, NYC. Taken on early 1900s.
Picture 16.    Panorama. Taken on 1909.
Picture 17.    Waldorf-Astoria on 5th. Avenue in 1900. Now home to the Empire State. Taken on 1900.
Picture 18.    Bowling Green offices, New York. Taken on 1900.
Picture 19.    Blizzard on Broadway. Taken on 1908.
Picture 20.    Blockaded cars on 23rd street. Taken on 1908.
Picture 21.    Getting a ticket. Taken on 1900.
Picture 22.    Easter, Fifth Avenue, 1900. One car visible, coming towards foreground. Taken on 1900.
Picture 23.    Hester St., Lower East Side. Taken on 1901.
Picture 24.    Flatiron. Taken on 1903.
Picture 25.    Broad St., 1904. Stock Exchange and Federal Hall. Taken on 1904.
Picture 26.    The Belmont Coach, 1905, four horses. Dogs run free. Taken on 1905.
Picture 27.    Easter, Fifth Avenue. No cars. Taken on 1906.
Picture 28.    City Hall Subway. Taken on 1907.
Picture 29.    Lower East Side. Taken on 1908.
Picture 30.    Herald Square. Skyscraper beyond is NY Times Building in Times Sq. Cars have replaced horses. Taken on 1909.
Picture 31.    Three modes of wheeled transport in Madison Square. Taken on 1904.
Picture 32.    White's Colony Club, Madison at 31st. Taken on 1904.
Picture 33.    Lower East Side: airshaft of dumbbell tenements, so-called because they flared out at street and in back, leaving airshaft and consequently legal bedrooms under the code. Imagine the view. Taken on 1900s.