North India Tour-an Escape in Delight

Exhausted mind, body & soul intensely cry for rejuvenation. To revive its lost energy, an individual goes in the lap of beautiful nature. Each one has unique taste for getting charged-up. Some take shelter in hill stations while some prefer adventurous expedition, such as trekking mountain, rafting on fast currents etc.. A short break from daily regime kicks up their energy level too. After that, he/she becomes ready to back to daily hectic schedule.

Have you ever planned excursions to incredible India? Not yet! Then, begin it with north India excursions. Have faith, fun at it is unbeatable! It will be pennywise complete paid off to you! North India Tour Packages from Delhi aboard you on the thrill-wagon where happiness, excitement, bursts of laughter and mind-boggling landscapes hypnotize you.

For projecting any place, exploring the heart paints its accurate picture. Touring or excursions fits absolutely to this statement. So, begin your excursion with Delhi, the capital city & one of the metropolitan cities of India. Don’t go lost in its honking vehicles, skyscraping buildings and streamlined structures. It has an illuminating yet heart-trembling history underlying. It has seen the mighty invaders Mughals, Turks and Persians who trampled it profusely under their knees many-a-times. But still, it is flourishing.

Visiting crumbling havelis in puzzle-like narrow lanes of Old Delhi will fan the excitement to go deep to its history. On the other hand, Edward Lutyen’s New Delhi gives stunning look due to its streamlined lanes of houses. Red Fort, Old Fort, Humayun Tomb, Rajghat and India Gate tempt you to explore it more for witnessing amazing architectures.

The 1857 Mutiny Tour turns over the pages of history before you when British rule crushed the heads of mutinying Indians. It was the very first attempt of Indians who protested against the British rule.

Tracing the true picture of potters’ life, Delhi has its pottery village where all artisans of potters’ family carve clay. It’s amazing to view the clay coming to life, really.

For religious souls, Delhi’s Akshardham temple along with Mathura, Vrindavan & Haridwar in Uttar Pradesh will take you to interact with divinity on this earth. The former temple glimpses you the unique mingling of contemporary technology & creative style of craftsmanship with spirituality.

Your heart will die to miss a beat every time when you will have one of the Seven Wonders of the World i.e. the Taj, before your eyes. Its overlay intricate carvings in its design add magnificence to this dumbstruck monument.

For getting the true feel of soil, what other than that of Rajasthan’s pink city will be suitable! Don’t wonder as it’s the fact sand is spilled all over its ground. It has turned greener. The folk, its folk tales, folk dance, forts, palaces and museums will freeze your feet to catch their glimpse again & again.

For crazy freaks of handicraft accessories and traditional ethnic wears, Chandni Chowk and Jaipur are decked with small to big masterpieces. Hunger pangs will go crazy in want of more after getting taste of Indian cuisines, especially in Delhi’s aranthewali Galli.