List of Festivities to Experience in Batangas, Philippines

Aside from its accessible location from Manila and charming beach accommodations, Batangas is a recommended go-to place when it comes to cultural revelry. Here, travelers can not only take pleasure on the enchanting coastlines in the town of San Juan or the breathtaking marine life of Nasugbu, but also have the chance to immerse oneself on the rich traditions of the region. So if you want to further explore the cultural side of Batangas, here are some recommended events that can get you started:

1)     Parada ng Lechon in Balayan

Parada ng Lechon (Parade of Roasted Pigs) is done to commemorate John the Baptist. On this festival, town folks of Balayan show their gratitude to their patron saint by roasting their best pig then parading them on the street in flamboyant clothing. And since it’s the feast day of John the Baptist, the locals will, as with custom, randomly splash water on you, so if you’re planning to be in Batangas on the 24th of June, it’s wise to pack extra clothes. But don’t worry; after you get wet, you would have gained the right to feast on those delicious parading lechon.

2)    Kabakahan Festival in Padre Garcia

Highlighted by the Rodeo ala Garciano, the Kabakahan Festival is truly a satisfying event for tourists who want to witness real action in cattle herding. Other activities that you can expect from the festival are air-gun shooting competition, song-and-dance contest, street party, and pet dress-up competition. The festival is yearly celebrated on the founding anniversary date of Padre Garcia, the town known as the Philippine’s cattle-trading capital.

3)    Lambayok Festival

This event, held every second week of December, has always been a triple treat for the locals of San Juan. As a matter of fact, the festival name stands for the 3 growing industries of the town, namely lambanog (coconut wine), lambat (fish net), and palayok (clay pot). Aside from showing gratitude to the heavens for another bountiful year, the festival also aims to showcase the creativity, ingenuity, and hard work of its citizens.

4)    Balsahan Festival

Matabungkay Beach is not just preferred for its lovely Batangas resorts; it’s also visited by many tourists particularly during the month of May for the annual Balsahan Festival. The event, started just last May 18, 2002, was spearheaded by Matabungkay Beach Resort to help bring the town back on the tourism map. Now, more than just an attraction for tourists, the event also aims to encourage the creative and innovative spirit of numerous Batangueños in Lian to design and build their own balsa (bamboo beach raft). To make sure you get the best spot during the Balsahan Festival, check out the accommodation promos at Matabungkay Beach Resort,

5)    Tinapayan Festival

Cuenca in Batangas is known for its tasty tinapay (breads) and skillful panadero (bakers). So to highlight the best assets of the town, its local government decided to organize the “Tinapayan Festival” along with the feast day of its patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. The celebration lavishly showcases the baking talents of the Cuencano bakers via large-scale structures made of bread. Townspeople can also participate in the festival by using bread as house ornaments. If you want to experience the magic of the Tinapayan Festival, be sure to secure a Batangas accommodation in Cuenca around June.