Kalesa Festival - A Celebration of the Horse and Cart in Manila

There is new development which is taking place in all directions and locations in Manila. Now, is a good time to visit this city in Philippines which over the years has grown to become a top tourist destination. You would find the denizens to be jovial, earnest, humble, hospitable and most of all eager to please. At first glance you may not be able to filter through the flow of chaos, but there is much to appreciate about this vibrant city. At the centre of Manila is Makati, which is the epic centre for trade, finance, commerce, shopping, entertainment and cuisine.


Some of the most exciting things to see and do whilst on holiday in Manila include, a zesty meal from the local food chain Gerry’s Grill. North Park Noodles is another local chain that serves what is considered the best Chinese noodle in the city. To experience the entertainment in the city head over to Ziggurat, an open air food court area which gains its inspiration from the likes of the Middle East and Africa.

The events and festivals in Manila give a great insight in to the culture and faith of the nation. Some of the more popular ones include Kalesa Festival, Feast of the Black Nazarene, Bamboo Organ Festival, Philippine International Jazz Festival, Flores De Mayo, San Isidro Festival, Manila Day, Subli-an sa Manila Festival, Filipino Heritage Festival, Nuestra Senora Delos, International Salsa Festival and Christmas.

The Kalesa Festival occurs in September each year, and celebrates the tradition of travelling by horse and cart. There are songs, music and dance all surrounding this unique festival and is very much an appreciation of the way of life of olden times. Today the carts are used in Intramuros, where tourists will climb aboard and view the many attractions and sights. The locals celebrate this festival as a means of respecting their humble beginnings.

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