How to Join the Republican Party

The Republican Party has both national and state organizations. A contribution to the Party is all that’s needed. However, membership offers many activities, events and volunteer opportunities. This is also the first step in gaining support to run for political office! Read on to learn more.

Join the National Republican Party

  1. Go to the Republican National Committee website (
  2. Notice the Action Center box. A list of activities with a line for joining the party is in the box.
  3. Point your mouse over “Join the GOP Team” and click.
  4. Fill out the form and add a password. The form contains many volunteer activities. See if one suits you or just choose the contribution box.
  5. Notice the “Join” button at the bottom. Click to go to the next page where you finish.

Join Your State Republican Party

  1. Consider joining the Republican Party for your state. Go to the Republican National Committee website (
  2. Click “State Parties” on the tool bar. It takes you to a map of the United States. For example, choose Michigan if that is where you live.
  3. Click your state and see the information to the right of the map. In the Michigan example notice the website address for this state.
  4. Set your mouse over the state’s address and click. You are automatically directed to your state’s Republican Party.
  5. Look for “become a member” or other such words, such as “join” then click. States vary on website appearance.
  6. Follow instructions on the form then submit your information. In the Michigan example, the word “Donate” is at the bottom. Click this. That’s it