Grand Oasis Cancun hotel to launch “Oasis Dance U” festival

The Grand Oasis Cancun will be dressing up in the coming new year as they introduce the “Oasis Dance U Festival”, an entertainment event specifically organised to start the year 2012 with a new hotel concept in this wonderful tourist destination. For the delight of guests lucky enough to be spending Cancun holidays at the resort from 28th March to 31st March, 2012, the spectacular Oasis Dance U Festival staged at the iconic Grand Oasis Cancun; will bring together a series of acts and parties from the best artists in electronic music, hip hop and dance of our time.

The top DJs in the world and the most famous parties from the most renowned discos on the planet: Space, Privilege and Amnesia from Ibiza, CIELO from New York, and “Something for your Mind” from Los Angeles will all be present in Cancun during the Oasis Dance U festival to offer party-goers enjoying Cancun holidays with the celebration of the year! From house music icon, David Morales, to the 5 Grammy Award winner Kelly Rowland, the number one Billboard Hot 100 Wiz Khalifa to Pitbull, one of the most sought after rappers in the world, the Oasis group will be really mixing it up in February and March 2012.

Grand Oasis Cancun Hotel
Image by: jeff91764, on Flickr.

The Grand Oasis Cancun will bring to its new front line stage a mix of musical genres including techno, hip hop, house and rap, performed by internationally recognised music icons who will make this event a legend, and where diversity will cover all tastes in a unique party space comprising over half a mile of beach with two new amazing beach clubs.

Those already thinking about heading down to the Mexican Caribbean to enjoy holidays in Cancun at the Oasis resort at the beginning of next year can find details about performances from or can make direct travel enquiries through travel agents and tour operators selling Oasis Cancun hotels.

Grand Oasis Cancun Hotel
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The hotel company Oasis Hotels & Resorts is reinventing itself once again in the Cancun hotel industry to create a unique entertainment product for where the Caribbean experience becomes a whole new world of sensations and enjoyment, both day and night. Die-hard party-goers and music lovers will certainly have “a hell of a time” during this special festival and with this incentive the hotel group expects to attracts hundreds of music-loving travellers.

In addition to all this, Oasis Hotels & Resorts are currently the host of the Cancun’s International Jazz Festival.

Cancun Beach
Image by: eggneckface33, on Flickr.

The Grand Oasis Cancun hotel stands as the “resort of entertainment per excellence”, offering the best of the Caribbean with its splendid stretch of pristine Cancun beach expanding over 800 metres and its 94.000-square-metre gardens, a wonderful swimming-pool, two beach clubs and a great stage to be able to enjoy the best party atmosphere all-day(and night)-round.