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Number of Establishments per 1000 persons:
Country All Restos, Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Bars Local Restos Foreign Restos Bakeries, pastries Coffee Shops Bars, Clubs
South Korea1 10.42 5.79 1.38 0.18 0.70 2.24
Japan2 5.36 2.60 0.96 0.71 1.09
Italy4 3.97 1.72 0.36 1.899
USA6 2.85
France3,7 2.80 1.22 0.04 0.82 0.16 0.56
Thailand8 2.31 1.54
Canada5 1.94
1 GAIN Report #KS5009. Original source: Korean government statistics for 2001. 505,241 establishments in total. Breakdown by the number of establishments: Full service Korean restos 45.3%, Full service Chinese restos 4.8%, Full service Japanese restos 1.0%, Full service western restos 2.6%, Institutional feeding restos 0.5%, Quick service western restos 4.8%, Quick service Korean restos 9.8%, Bars and pubs 21.5%, Bakery shops (patisseries/boulangeries) 1.7%, Tea and Coffee shops 6.7%. Note 1: Included in the full service and quick service Korean restaurants are those who serve foreign food as part of the menu (the japanese Tonkatsu is particularly popular).
2 GAIN Report #JA5503. Original source: Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry. 244,242 restos as of 2001. Breakdown by the number of restos: Non-specialized 80511, Chinese 62990, Japanese 42176, Western 30422, Other Asian 28143. 89933 Coffee shops as of 2001, down 28% from 1991. 346034 bars, cabarets, and nightclubs as of 2001, down 7% from 1998. Note 1: Out of the 15 largest drinking establishments (chains), 9 are Izakayas. The Izakaya lies somewhere between a restaurant and a bar/pub, and is a bit similar to the Korean samgyumpsal restaurant (which is not listed as bars/clubs but as "Local Restos" in this list). This would explain the rather low number of local restaurants in Japan; for a fair comparison with other countries, the Izakayas are here listed as local restaurants rather than bars. Note 2: The "non-specialized" restaurants in Japan serve a mix of japanese and foreign dishes, with the latter often being altered significantly and fused with japanese food. Such establishments as here listed as local restos.
3 GAIN Report #FR4017. Original source: Gira Sic Conseil and INSEE ALISE. Number of outlets for the calendar year 2002: 72000 traditional restos, 44000 bistrots and cafe restaurants (of which 10,070 are cafe-tabacs), 97 fish/seafood type restos, 502 theme restos, 204 pizzerias, 519 grills, 1310 US-style fastfood, 1653 french fast food, 639 cafeterias.
4 GAIN Report #IT5013. Original source: FIPE, Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi, 2004. Type of establishments: 110000 bars (including 6000 discotheques), 80000 restos, 20000 canteen services, 21000 pastry shops, and 21000 ice cream shops (not included in the table).
5 Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association. In 2001, there are 64000 restos, caterers, pubs, bars, and nightclubs.
6 In 2001, there are 850000 restos, caterers, pubs, bars, and nightclubs.
7 Source Insee Enquête N° 831 - fev 2002. In France in 2002, there are 44900 Boulangeries-Pâtisseries-Artisan and 5200 Pâtisseries-Artisan.
8 GAIN Report #TH4030. As of 2004, there are 150,000 bars, restaurants, clubs, hotel restaurants, etc. 100,000 are listed as restaurants, which are assumed to be mostly local - indeed, the proportion of american food chains in this country is rather small compared to others.
9 The number of bars includes the discotheques and perhaps the coffee shops.