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Plan A Destination Wedding To Take Your Marriage Vows

California, the third largest state in America is a diverse collection of natural wonders. From the beaches to mountains and deserts to valleys, plateaus and basins, California with its rich natural diversity is an ideal location for destination weddings.

What are destination weddings?

Simply put a destination wedding is the celebration of the wedding ceremony in a place which is away from home. It generally takes place in some picturesque destination around the world. With many places to choose from around the world, couples are generally spoilt for choice. Yet it has been seen that California destination weddings are increasingly becoming popular because they:

  • Offer a wide variety of picturesque locales like the Napa Valley, the Orange County, and San Diego etc.
  • Are extremely affordable and offer comfortable choices for
    • Intimate and private weddings,
    • Weddings with limited group of friends and
    • Grand weddings with hundreds of guests.

Some locations offered by California

Some locations which have gained popularity for being the ideal hosts to several California destination weddings are:

  • The Orange County: Luxurious beaches and beautiful seaside hotels make this place an ideal destination for couples looking for a sun and surf type of wedding.
  • Los Angeles: This dream city where the rich and famous stay is well-known for its ritzy yet classically chic weddings.
  • San Diego: This place has the sun shining almost throughout the year. Hence anyone looking for a down-to-earth locale steeped in history would find the sunny San Diego an ideal location.
  • San Francisco: This place has a charm and sophistication of its own and people looking for a perfect backdrop for their wedding photos would find this place pretty attractive and enduring.
  • Napa valley: Famous for its vineyards, the Napa Valley is full of breathtaking scenery and understated elegance making it an ideal place for a destination wedding.

Things to keep in mind when opting for a destination wedding

Since the wedding effectively takes place at a place away from home, it is best to

  • Select the wedding destination with the help of a travel agent and destination wedding planner so that the feasibility of the plan can be checked out,
  • Start planning for the wedding around 9 to 15 months in advance,
  • Check out the legal requirements of getting married in the destination chosen and get the legal documents and formalities in place before proceeding for the wedding destination,
  • Inform the guests in advance so that they can plan and budget accordingly.

The wedding planners should also ensure the availability of an onsite wedding coordinator who can help iron out any problems that crop up during the course of the stay for the wedding.

Why Everyone Should Shop for Party Supplies Online

Planning an event to celebrate the life or lives of those whom you love can be incredibly fun, though it can also be incredibly stressful. As enjoyable as it can be to peruse the aisles of your local party planning store, it is time-consuming and often results in a poor purchase decisions.

Saving you time is just one of the reasons why more party and event planners are choosing to take their business online rather than shop in a brick and mortar store for party supplies. Below are some of the other benefits which come with using your desktop PC or mobile device to shop online for the decorations you need for your next big event:

Greater Selection

Even the largest of party supply store chains will not be able to carry the same amount of stock as an online party supply store. Party supply stores which operate online do not need to physically store the items which they offer on their website, and they have access to more manufacturers. This allows them to offer a greater selection of supplies to party planners, and it is often the reason for the next important benefit:

Better Pricing

Because an online party supply store does not have the same overhead expenses as a physical store, they are able to pass on their savings to the consumer. This means that those who shop online for their party decorations and supplies are often able to save significantly more than if they were to purchase items in an actual store.

Those who shop online are not only treated to better prices. Shopping online also makes it easier for party planners to compare the size, price, quantity, and quality of the items they are considering with other party supply sites on the web.

More Control

The moment most novice party planners step into a party supply store, they feel overwhelmed. The number of decorations and theme possibilities are seemingly endless. It can also be hard for shoppers to keep track of what they have put in their cart or basket.

When you shop for your supplies online, you can keep everything easily organised in a virtual shopping cart. Prior to purchasing your items, you are able to review everything which you have selected and put into your “cart,” and are often provided with a thumbnail image of what you plan to purchase. This makes it significantly easier for event planners to organize items and make final decisions regarding which supplies they need, which they can do without, and which they may still need to shop for to deliver a fun-filled and memorable event.

Shopping for your supplies online streamlines the party planning process, but it can result in a few hiccups and headaches unless you do your research. Apart from picking the supplies for your next big event, shoppers must familiarise themselves with the shipping and return policies of the website. Some party suppliers may be able to offer next day shipping, while some items may arrive in five business days or longer. Review the return policy and understand what your rights are should you return a damaged or incorrect item.


How to Plan a Memorial Party

A memorial party is a bittersweet event celebrating the life and accomplishments of a friend or family member who has died. Memorial parties are usually held after or in lieu of a funeral. The deceased is not present at the party. Planning such a party is unlike any other type of party planning and must be conducted in a particularly sensitive way, taking into account the sensibilities of all family members and the wishes of the deceased.


  1. Prepare a guest list. Invite those people who were particularly close to the deceased. Also invite people who are close to the survivors as they will need the support of friends and family. Ask each family member for a list of guests that they would like to invite. If you would like the party to be open to everyone, include the date, place and time in the obituary.
  2. Pick a location for the party. If your home is not large enough to accommodate the party, look into renting a church hall or private catering hall. Hold an outdoor party at a park if the deceased particularly enjoyed the outdoors and the weather will be warm.
  3. Plan an schedule of events for the party. Decide who will speak about the deceased and if you will encourage guests to offer their memories. Include any poems or music that were particularly important to the deceased. Ask your local clergy to speak if the family or deceased desired a religious focus for the party.
  4. Decide if a formal eulogy will be delivered and who will deliver it. Interview family members and friends for information on the deceased’s early years and achievements. Appoint one person to be the master of ceremonies for the party and keep the formal part of it moving along.
  5. Make a display containing photographs of the deceased. Ask other family members to help you with this if you are having trouble locating photographs. Use photographs showing the deceased at his best. No one wants to be remembered for that awful haircut or the skintight leather pants that showed a little too much skin.
  6. Select music for the party. Look for songs that the deceased particularly liked or that you feel are appropriate considering the deceased’s personality and interests. Ask family members and friends for suggestions if you are unsure of the best music choices. Find someone to burn a CD of your choices for you.
  7. Take into account any wishes of the deceased when you plan the party. If he asked that everyone sing a favorite song, print out the lyrics and have them ready for distribution. If he wanted everyone to take a boat ride on his favorite lake, hold the party at the lake.
  8. Choose the food and drinks that you will serve. Finger food will be best if you won’t have enough tables and chairs for every guest. Think carefully before serving alcohol, as grief may cause some attendees to overindulge.

Finding the Best Peruvian Food

Peruvian food has started to gain popularity all over the world. It is now considered one of the best, most diverse cuisines in the world. However, you’ll find the best Peruvian food in the heart of Peru in Lima.

Different regions of Peru have slightly different cuisines. Peru has a diverse topography with a coastal region, rich green fields as well as mountains. People from the coasts primarily eat seafood while people near the Amazon favor fresh water fish and tropical fruits.

Andean cuisine is centered on meat and potatoes as well as maize and quinoa.  Asian, African and European settlers brought their own flavors and spices with them as well.

Because of this, you can’t easily decide which food is the best Peruvian food. If you want to sample the best flavors in Peru, you should probably try Peruvian fusion food.

The Best Fusion at Le Moliere

The Royal Park Hotel’s in-house restaurant Le Moliere is an excellent fine dining destination. It offers an array of dishes that employ Peruvian fusion flavors. You’ll find the best fusion gourmet food made from fresh, local ingredients by an excellent chef.

The ambience of the restaurant is warm and sophisticated, setting the tone for the dining experience. You get to experience a blend of international and local flavors along with some Peruvian specialties. The meals come with freshly baked bread and a collection of great wine vintages and other such drinks.  Dinning at Le Moliere is a great way to understand the true depth and complexity of the best Peruvian food.

Gastronomic Experience

Royal Park Hotel also conducts gastronomic tours, understanding the growing international interest in Peruvian food. You can enjoy a piping hot cup of exquisite organic Peruvian coffee at the start of the tour. If that’s not to your taste, you can try the refreshing Lucama milkshake, that’s sure to energize you.

After that, you can roam the streets of Lima, visiting the Barranco and enjoying the bohemian vibe. You can savor the world famous Ceviche with the Pisco Sour cocktail and other local and international favorites.

Business Lunches

Nothing brings two people together better than great food and the same can be said of businesses. The lunch offerings at Le Moliere can elevate anyone’s mood and make negotiations a breeze, thanks to a truly inspired lunch menu. You can enjoy the best Peruvian food right in the heart of Lima and take great memories back home with you.

A Very Fascinating Animal Seen on an African Safari Holiday

Africa is a beautiful continent.  It is a superb destination for anyone who wants to relax and unwind.  One of the reasons that guests flock to the continent is because of the beautiful and spectacular places such as the Victoria Falls, Table Mountain in South Africa and the great Pyramids of Giza.  Another big attraction that draws guests to visit Africa is the wildlife.  Africa is home to abundant and diverse animals.  The continent is home to marvelous animals such as the Famous Big Five (these are the African lion, the African elephant, the black or white rhino, the Cape buffalo and the elephant).  The members of the Big Five are the five most dangerous animals that guests will encounter in the bush on their African safari.  One particular animal in the big five is very interesting to observe during an African safari.  This animal is the African elephant.

The African elephant is very impressive because it is a highly intelligent animal.  Through the ages, the African elephant has captured the imaginations of people across the globe. No species has received more attention than the elephant. Not only is it the largest land animal, extraordinary communication, similar lifespan to humans, strong sense of family make this animal truly fascinating animal to observe during a safari package holiday.

Elephants occur in a wide variety of habitats from open grassland to forested regions including open arid savanna or desert, and the contrasting wet areas of marshes and lake shores, from sea level to mountainous regions above the snowlines.  Elephants are not territorial. However, each family or clan may have a specific home range, and these may overlap. These animals can walk vast distances in search of nutritional forage and water.

The females are extremely social and will spend their entire lives in the same group. They take very good care of their offspring, and all of the females jump in to help as well. They are excellent when it comes to communicating both verbally and non-verbally. They also are very protective of each other.  African elephants exhibit a variety of behaviors including the uncanny ability of being able to identify the bone remains of other elephants. They can express a variety of emotions including sorrow when they come across them.

In conclusion guests should to go on African safaris.  Whether they choose to go on safari honeymoons or luxury family safaris, guests are sure to treasure their time in Africa.  In Africa, visitors will be amongst great animals such as the African elephant.  After their safari package holiday, they are also sure to return home with a new positive appreciation for nature and their own place within nature.

Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival 2011 – A grand cultural extravaganza

The Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival is a major cultural celebration held annually with much festivity and flair in Sri Lanka. The celebration of the festival, which usually takes place on the 13th or 14th of April, promises to be a grand and exciting event for tourists looking to experience the culture and heritage of the island. Lasting for a period of 7 days, the event marks the end of an old era and welcomes the dawn of a new era that promises to be filled with good fortune and blessings. The festival also coincides with the end of the harvest period, and thus the harvest festival is also celebrated along with the Sinhala & Tamil New Year.

Traditionally known in Sri Lanka as Aluth Avurudu, the Sinhala & Tamil New Year celebrations follow auspicious times calculated by astrology. The time at which the new year dawns and the old year ends is usually hours apart from each other based on astrological calculations. As the celebration for the festival begin, women in some areas of the island come together to play a drum-like instrument known as the raban. People throughout Sri Lanka light various types of fireworks and fire crackers to celebrate the event. During the Festival, much of the country is on holiday as people travel to visit their hometowns.

Various types of rituals and traditions that have come down through the ages are followed by the households that celebrate the New Year. A fire is lit and milk is boiled according to an auspicious time. Bananas along with traditional food items such as kiribath (milk rice), kaung (an oil cake) and kokis (a sweetmeat) are prepared and dished out by most households. Homes are beautifully decorated for the occasion and opened up to family and friends. The produce from the harvest festival adds to joy of the celebration.

Find out more information on the Sinhala & Tamil New Year 2011 and on Sri Lanka travel by visiting the Truly Sri Lanka web portal. This popular website features comprehensive information on the island’s attractions, culture and must see destinations that is sure to help you plan your Sri Lanka holiday better.

How To Plan The Best-ever Princess Birthday Party

A princess themed birthday party is what most girls fancy growing up. Let her live the fantasy for a day by organizing a birthday bash with a dash of royalty. Plan the party like activities, invitations, return gifts and decorations around her dreams and make it unforgettable for her. No matter how elaborate your plans are, ensure that there are a good many cameras snapping away splendid photographs.

Spruce up the venue with satin ribbons of pink and lavender, or green or pale blue. Or you could put up flag banners. If the party theme is very specific to a princess, then you could get plates, cups and napkins accordingly. Shower confetti as each guest arrives. Children will absolutely love it. Not much is required, unless your doll is gaga about balloons, in which case please ensure that there is no dearth of them.

Assuming that your little lady has her princess attire ready for the big day, lets look at the activities that you can arrange. Based on your princess’ favorite fairy tale, you can twist around party games around that. Take the piñata game of pinning the tail on the donkey and make it funny. How? Play a game of sticking smoochy lips on a frog! Now that’s a cool spin on a routine party game.

You could also set up a craft station. Each little VIP gets their very own crown. Have cutouts of tiaras ready and offer them color, glitter, stickers, glue. Lay sheets of newspapers on the craft benches with an adult ready to assist the mini-royals and hopefully, it won’t get messy. Crank up the level of excitement by clicking instant pictures of them wearing their own handmade crowns. This can be a great souvenir to take home! Such crafty activities are a great way to keep the kids and their mums engaged together and they are easy on the pocket too.

Settle down the guests with a round of story telling. Let your princess decide on the fairy tale to be narrated. This should give the adults some breathing time to attend to other chores, like clearing away the craft benches and get the food table, gift stations set up and arrange for the cake cutting ceremony.

Remember that princesses like no mess. While cake and ice cream are a given, stock up on finger foods. Wraps with ham-n-cheese or veggies, bite sized sandwiches and pizza, fruit and vegetable tray and cookies should be good add-ons. Keep some adult refreshments for the chaperones too. You can bring in the pink in food too; use pomegranates, cherries, strawberry, beetroots, ripe guavas and make pomegranate popsicles or juice, strawberry and banana and feta cheese on a toothpick, strawberry ice-cream floats over lemon soda, guava jellies and the works!

Irrespective of age, all kids love a favor bag. Make it special by picking up a princess purse adorned with glitter and sequins. Put in a lip-gloss or a glitter nail polish or a small brush and some beady jewelry. Plastic bracelets, beady necklaces, even finger rings will always be appreciated.

Throwing a grand princess party isn’t as daunting as you think. Even on a modest budget, it can be made fun and memorable. The key is to keep your little princess and her friends busy and happy with playful activities, cute gifts and yummy finger food. Don’t forget to take pictures so that your doll can look back with pride and happiness.

How to Start a Party Planning Business

Party planning requires very little start-up money, so it may be the perfect choice for those with no capital. As an events coordinator or party planner, you will be involved in organizing all details of occasions such as anniversary celebrations, family reunions, weddings, retirement parties and baby showers.


  1. Team up with an experienced party planner to gain experience and learn the trade before you start your own business. Alternatively, you can offer your services for free a few times, so you can get experience and build a portfolio. Enlist family and friends if you’re not confident and then request feedback from them.
  2. Decide how you will charge for your services. Most party planners work by the hour or request a flat fee (which can go up into the thousands). Others charge 5 to 10 percent of the party budget.
  3. Build a portfolio. Take photographs of the events you coordinate and request testimonials from satisfied clients.
  4. Understand food and beverage. As a party planner, you should be able to do everything from putting together a martini bar to planning a menu for a tropical-themed party. You will also need to develop good working relationships with catering companies, vendors and suppliers.
  5. Know all about entertainment choices. From karaoke equipment and magicians to disc jockeys and live bands, you should be able to scout out all types of entertainers. Depending on the type of event, you may have to organize tournaments or contests, games and even auctions. Preparing party favors and gift bags may also be part of the job.

How to Make Party Platters on a Budget

Party platters provide colorful and artistic arrangements of finger food, but they can be expensive when you buy them from grocery stores, delis or caterers. Party planners accept the inevitability of doling out large sums of money for prepared munchies — to be sure, it’s convenient — but the frugal host can put together beautiful party platters for much less money.


  1. Create your own serving platters rather than buying or renting them from party supply houses: Cover large pizza pans in aluminum foil and, for a color effect, cover the foil with tinted plastic wrap. Secure these wraps on the bottom of the platter with masking tape. You probably already have a few pizza pans in your kitchen, but if you need more, borrow from friends. You could otherwise make platters from large cardboard cake rounds, covering them the same as above.
  2. Buy your party foods from a bulk warehouse. Bulk prices are lower than those in grocery stores. If a bulk warehouse is not nearby, shop at a large discount store with grocery and deli departments. Always compare these discounted prices to grocery stores for each item. Neighborhood grocery stores sometimes run specials that can take the price of an item down below that of bulk warehouses. If you frequent such a corner market and have a relationship with its proprietors, you might let them know you’re hoping to set a record for cost cutting and see what develops.
  3. Use fruits and vegetables that are in season whenever possible. In-season prices are lower due to their availability. Oranges and other citrus fruits, carrots and cauliflower are in season during the winter; tomatoes, zucchini, cherries and corn are good summer choices. Consider visiting the farmer’s market a day or two before your event, and clean, cut and prepare all your fruits and veggies yourself — it’ll save money and keep the food crisp.
  4. Add a couple of cheese choices to a fruit platter, along with an assortment of crackers. Cheese is expensive, but if smaller portions are offered alongside other foods on the same platter, the small amount will not be as noticeable — unless your guests eat it all up early. Buy your cheese in blocks or wheels and cut them yourself. You’ll save big money and you’ll get a workout.
  5. Make your own homemade chicken salad, tuna salad and pimiento cheese sandwiches to keep costs down. Alongside or instead of finger sandwiches, you can serve these fillings as trendy crostini by spooning them atop baguette rounds that have been brushed with olive oil and toasted.
  6. Go retro with inexpensive party foods from the past. Fill your platters with rumaki, pigs in blankets, deviled eggs and Swedish meatballs. Find these recipes and more online. Serve like foods on platters together, or consider mixing trays smorgasbord-style if you’ll have servers carrying them.

How to Throw a Surprise Housewarming Party

Surprise parties are difficult to pull off, but a surprise housewarming party is probably one of the easier ones. Once the people have moved in you, just need to be invited over and you can take it from there. Follow the steps below to throw a successful surprise housewarming party.


  1. Get an invitation to the home of the family that has moved into the new home. Make sure it allows you enough time for the preparations you will have to make for the surprise party.
  2. Send out invitations. Include all the details on the card. You need people to meet at your home and take the whole crew at the same time to the family. You don’t want anyone showing up at the people’s home without you because this would blow the whole surprise.
  3. Shop for food and anything else you will need for the party. You want to have everything that is needed for a party since the family will not be expecting so many guests.
  4. Put out a sign at your home for any late comers. You want to wait a reasonable amount of time for your guests, but you can’t afford to be late for dinner or whatever the family has invited you for.
  5. Lead the caravan to the home where the party is going to be, however don’t let everyone park in front of the home. Wait until they get into position-out of sight but close enough to yell surprise when the time is right-and ring the doorbell.
  6. Let the new home owners open the door and try to lure them outside-then yell, “Surprise,” and have your camera ready. This is the trickiest part because you want to make sure you have everyone together at the right time.

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How to Plan an Open House Party

An open house party is held over a set span of hours at a home or a business and during that time, guests can drop in as they please. These parties are usually quite informal, and they are a great choice when you know that you are going to have a lot of guests in a limited amount of space or when you are the opening of your business to the community. Planning an open house party is actually easier than planning a regular gathering


  1. Set the time and date. Open house parties are great for the afternoons, and they can run between two and five hours, depending on how many people you are expecting.
  2. Decide on the scope of your party. How many people do you see showing up? Remember that while they are not going to all be there at once, they are still going to want a chance to enjoy some refreshments and to socialize. Think about what your space will bear and and how many people you want to show up.
  3. Think about the venue. Where do you want to hold your open house party? If it is warm, holding an open house party in the backyard can be a great way to enjoy the good weather and to make sure that you have enough space. A limited space like a small store or a small living room might necessitate a smaller pool of guests.
  4. Plan for parking. If you are hosting your party in a downtown venue without a parking lot or even in a crowded urban neighborhood, think about giving your guests instructions on parking and where it can be found. If you are going to be taking up space in a lot or on the road, a notice letting your neighbors know is considered polite. Depending on the scope of your party, it might be necessary to rent parking space in a lot or to arrange for valet parking.
  5. Consider how to do invitations. When you are planning an open house party for a small event like a graduation or a farewell party, you simply send out paper invitations to the people who are interested in coming over. Sending out an open invitation over the social network of your choice can also be a good way to get people interested, but you do risk losing control over who shows up. If you are planning to do an open house party for a business, flyers and advertisements can help get the community interested.
  6. Decide on refreshments. The people who are going to be showing up are going to be expecting some form of refreshment, so think about what you want to provide. Finger foods are going to be ideal for something as casual as an open house party, and they can easily be prepared in your own kitchen. Slices of sheet cake, small sandwiches, a cheese tray and a fruit dish are all great choices. Do not forget to think about drinks as well. Cans of soda and bottles of water can be bought by the case for this occasion.
  7. Staff your party. Even if it is just you and a few friends holding the party, decide who is going to be in charge of things like keeping the food and drink on the table. This will help you avoid issues later on. Staff can also include hiring security, especially if you are looking at a larger open house party. If you are planning to have community members show up, their safety and yours is important, so consider consulting a professional security service and seeing what they recommend.
  8. Plan your decorations. When you are holding an open house party, you are often celebrating something. If you are celebrating a graduation or an anniversary, pictures of the guests of honor set on a board or on the walls is a great idea, and if you are throwing a holiday party, look for decorations that pertain to the season. Remember that a festive environment can keep your party going

How to Throw a Block Party

In today’s busy world, neighbors are often greeted with a quick wave at best. Have a block party where everyone can relax, have fun and get to know each other-and soon you’ll be having coffee together, swapping kids or whoopin’ it up with a pitcher of margaritas.


  1. Put a flyer in neighbors’ mailboxes inviting them to meet to discuss a block party. At the meeting, discuss possible dates and who will do what. See 373 Plan an Organizational Meeting.
  2. Distribute sign-up sheets for tables, chairs, glasses, plates, napkins, utensils, barbecue grills, side dishes and other party essentials. Have plenty of trash cans and bins for recycling bottles and cans. Rent a portable toilet if necessary.
  3. Plan the food and drinks. Call it international night and have each family make a dish that is unique to its heritage. Or have everyone bring their own food to grill. This is a surprisingly effective way to get strangers to mingle easily-they feel less awkward with something to do. Have everyone prepare his or her favorite cocktails and munchies for a happy hour. Don’t forget nonalcoholic punches for those who don’t drink alcohol and for kids.
  4. Dress up the block with colorful decorations. Buy lots of balloons and have everyone tie them to trees and fences on their property. You might consider a block theme color and decorate accordingly. Ask each family to make a family banner to display on its front lawn. Hang pin~atas for the kids. Tiki torches and lots of twinkling lights are festive when the sun sets.
  5. Organize entertainment. Bring in pony rides or a mobile petting zoo or rent an inflatable jumping structure for the kids. Ask the neighborhood fire station to send an engine by if it’s available. Plan party games for kids and adults alike, such as a water balloon toss and an egg race.
  6. Rock the street with music everyone will enjoy. Hook up a CD player outside or splurge on live music (see 335 Hire a Band).
  7. Contact town officials to see about getting the road barricaded if it’s a large enough group. You’ll need to supply a map of the area where you’ll be holding the event, including cross streets for barricades.
  8. Send invitations to everyone on the block. Get the kids involved and have them stuff the invites in everyone’s mailbox (check first to see if this is legal in your area).

List of Festivities to Experience in Batangas, Philippines

Aside from its accessible location from Manila and charming beach accommodations, Batangas is a recommended go-to place when it comes to cultural revelry. Here, travelers can not only take pleasure on the enchanting coastlines in the town of San Juan or the breathtaking marine life of Nasugbu, but also have the chance to immerse oneself on the rich traditions of the region. So if you want to further explore the cultural side of Batangas, here are some recommended events that can get you started:

1)     Parada ng Lechon in Balayan

Parada ng Lechon (Parade of Roasted Pigs) is done to commemorate John the Baptist. On this festival, town folks of Balayan show their gratitude to their patron saint by roasting their best pig then parading them on the street in flamboyant clothing. And since it’s the feast day of John the Baptist, the locals will, as with custom, randomly splash water on you, so if you’re planning to be in Batangas on the 24th of June, it’s wise to pack extra clothes. But don’t worry; after you get wet, you would have gained the right to feast on those delicious parading lechon.

2)    Kabakahan Festival in Padre Garcia

Highlighted by the Rodeo ala Garciano, the Kabakahan Festival is truly a satisfying event for tourists who want to witness real action in cattle herding. Other activities that you can expect from the festival are air-gun shooting competition, song-and-dance contest, street party, and pet dress-up competition. The festival is yearly celebrated on the founding anniversary date of Padre Garcia, the town known as the Philippine’s cattle-trading capital.

3)    Lambayok Festival

This event, held every second week of December, has always been a triple treat for the locals of San Juan. As a matter of fact, the festival name stands for the 3 growing industries of the town, namely lambanog (coconut wine), lambat (fish net), and palayok (clay pot). Aside from showing gratitude to the heavens for another bountiful year, the festival also aims to showcase the creativity, ingenuity, and hard work of its citizens.

4)    Balsahan Festival

Matabungkay Beach is not just preferred for its lovely Batangas resorts; it’s also visited by many tourists particularly during the month of May for the annual Balsahan Festival. The event, started just last May 18, 2002, was spearheaded by Matabungkay Beach Resort to help bring the town back on the tourism map. Now, more than just an attraction for tourists, the event also aims to encourage the creative and innovative spirit of numerous Batangueños in Lian to design and build their own balsa (bamboo beach raft). To make sure you get the best spot during the Balsahan Festival, check out the accommodation promos at Matabungkay Beach Resort,

5)    Tinapayan Festival

Cuenca in Batangas is known for its tasty tinapay (breads) and skillful panadero (bakers). So to highlight the best assets of the town, its local government decided to organize the “Tinapayan Festival” along with the feast day of its patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. The celebration lavishly showcases the baking talents of the Cuencano bakers via large-scale structures made of bread. Townspeople can also participate in the festival by using bread as house ornaments. If you want to experience the magic of the Tinapayan Festival, be sure to secure a Batangas accommodation in Cuenca around June.

Birthday ceremony party tips for 1 to 10 Ages kids only

1) People’s Party Themes Kids - Elmo and farm animals and Caddaby Abe, one is a fun, lady bug
2) bubble machine instead of live entertainment - young children love bubbles.
3) to keep short. 11 / 2 hours is the max for the party kids at this age.
4) If only there were children in the party then they can not play, but the party of adults could be a few party games for adults. You will have everyone laughing.
5) The course will take a lot of pictures of Holiday birthday boy / girl and guests, but do not forget to take pictures of decorations and cake. It’s a good idea to take pictures of both before the party starts. You want evidence that the hard work!

2 gala birthday
1) People’s Party Themes Kids - Yo Gabba Gabba, I dedicate the party, Little Einstein, the circus, Unicorn
2 Music) - Children love music at this age. Toddler play popular music that they would not recognize (Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog from Mickey Mouse Club, and theme music for the Little Einstein, Sesame Street song) and watch the children dance!
3) to keep short. 2 hours is the max.
4) Plan the party around your child’s mood. If your child is a little shy and then invite a few relatives and keep it simple. If your child is a party animal and loves the attention and then invite friends and family.
5) run simple games like Simon Says, a ring around the Rosie duck and goose, duck.
3 Holiday Birthdays
1) People’s Party Themes Kids - Hot Wheels cars - the movie, Backyardigans, Go Diego, Dora the Explorer
2) to get your child involved. Let him choose a topic or help make the invitations. At this age children love to be helpful.
3) Get the timing right - a party in the afternoon until the middle is fine. In the afternoon and usually are obtained Tutes cranky.
4) Entertainment - In this age you can think of in the live entertainment. Some good options and a puppet show, magician, balloon modeling or face painter.
5) gala birthday party last great idea is to dress up! Children love to dress up at this age. Save space with some old clothes and can play a Tutes they love this activity.

5 Holiday Birthdays
1) People’s Party Children - Themes Buzz Light year, The Wizard of Oz, Party Crafts, Party Pirate, Scooby-Doo
2) Since your child is in school and now you can plan a ceremony at the school, as well as a party in the house.
3) in relation to a school to bring cakes (Note that some schools only allow items bought food store). Going through a small bag good for each child containing candy and small game.
4) for the house party and kids make the jewelry of pasta. You have children paint the pasta (any pasta with a hole in it will work). When the dry spinning can be the subject through the pasta and the wearing of the veil!
5) Make sure you get your child’s input when it comes to planning the party. In this age will be happy to see your ideas incorporated in the party.
Holiday Birthdays 6
1) People’s Party Themes Kids - Gymnastics, Karate, and the party cheering, NASCAR, Mission Space Party
2) In this age may want to look at every boy or girl each child. After the age of 5 girls usually want to do different activities than boys. It is not necessary to be a party to gender specific, but it can make planning a little easier.
3) At this age you can consider having a party of children the destination. Kids love fun parties in languages ??such as indoors, studio gymnastics, karate, or at the studio take.
4) If you’re having a party of children in the home and the weather permits consideration of the party, such as renting a house or bounce the ball pit. For children at this age spend hours bouncing or playing ball in the hole.
5) party games and of course we must try to search for treasure, and hot potato, musical chairs, or the relay. Check out these games as well as:
Birthday gala 7
1) People’s Party Themes Kids Party - sleep, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, tea party
2) gala ceremony marked the birth of 7 seemed a milestone in the maturity of the children, and can no longer be viewed as infants. So, if you’re going to be a big celebration and this gala is to do so. Before 7 they are too young to really appreciate it, but this year it will be.

3) examine the presence of the party girls sleep. Provide activities such as cosmetics, and do their nails or playing Barbie. Allow them to eat junk food and watching a movie pre-teen.
4) for the children to consider having a party in an extraordinary way. And guests, clothing and their favorite superhero and the provision of existing activities on the Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc..
5) Party Rentals always like to hit the bounce house, ball pit, and the rental of pony or mini put put course.
Holiday 8 Birthdays
1) People’s Party Themes Kids - bowling, Barbie, football, baseball, basketball, skate
2) This is the age the only one who can plan a figure eight party! Make the number eight cake - Take a Tour 2 cakes, cut the center to the use of glass (frozen cakes work best). Cakes put 2 together to form a figure eight. And the party in the rink where children can practice skating figure eight.
3) the destination party is a good idea at this age also. Consider an American girl, and Dave and Busters or bowling.
4) concert art. Provide all kinds of crafts for children to do this can be as simple as mud or building with Legos] or painting pictures of jewelry making and model building. Have different activities so the kids can move around. Make sure you get help with supervision, it can get hectic.
5) Remember to be enthusiastic with each activity and play a lot of music. And enthusiasm to get kids excited about any activity, and music always gets them going!
9 Holiday Birthdays
1) People’s Party Themes Kids - Star Wars, Glamour Girls, Loa in Hawaii, Harry Potter, Transformers
2) If you have a cowboy in the bud or wife try to round the horse until the party. Provide the children with bandanas or cowboy hats when they arrive, serve Western food like BBQ chicken or meat, Western-style. The pony ride in your home or, if possible, take children to the stable.
3) Here are some unique ideas to entertain live - Cartoonist, Karaoke, water slide, and hip-hop or country singer, characters, clothing, kids comedian, impersonator (such as fake Hannah Montana), the artist temporary tattoos (ask parents first), ventriloquist, Airbrush T-shirt artist and live animals.
4) I dedicate decorating is fun activity for children. Make cakes cooked in advance with the fixin such as frost (a couple of different flavors), sprinkles, jelly and writing. Allow children to decorate cakes and then get to eat their creations!
5) Girls love to play grown up in this age even have a tea party for girls. Either search for a language to have time to do so or tea in your home. I say to the girls in the invitation to dress up and then make a tea and finger sandwiches with the crust cut off. Discussion of the rite to drink tea, like putting behind your pinky up!
10 Holiday Birthdays
1) People’s Party Themes Kids - Montana Hanan, Twighligt, Wizards of Waverly Place, American Idol, Jonas
2) This is the ideal age to celebrate the birth of your child at an amusement park. Invite a few friends. Kids will be old enough or tall enough to get many of the rides. Most of the children may have seen an amusement park so far and know what to expect.
3) Chocolate party plan. What child does not love chocolate? Party Chocolate simple plan because everything is like chocolate cake Holiday Birth chocolate, chocolate, favors, chocolate, chocolate fondue fountain, or even chocolate.
4) a great place to get the girls prefer at this age is Claires or any similar accessory shop. You can pick up tons of inexpensive accessories such as barrettes, clips and jewelry.
5) Plan girly party for your daughter. That any party girly entail manicures and pedicures with snacks and fun girly movie like The Princess Diaries. Have a Barbie or two games to play and your daughter will love it!

1969 Woodstock Festival - a Memorable Dream

The 1969 Woodstock Festival in upstate New York was an event that changed the world. It was the first time that so many people gathered together to listen to music in an outdoor setting. It was historic because of the sheer volume of people (estimates are 450,000) who attended and because of the performers who took the stage. Instead of just being a concert, it became an event. The cultural significance of Woodstock cannot be overlooked.

Hippies and flower power were all the rage at that time. The youth was disenfranchised by the system and Vietnam War protests were taking place every day. Though the concert was not a war protest, the event itself became a protest. There were political figures such as Abby Hoffman there to talk about the war and why he was against it. There were politically inspired songs which captured the flavor of the crowds.

The <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/701965’);” href=> Woodstock Festival</a> was originally supposed to be held in Woodstock NY, but it was actually held in Bethel NY on a farm owned by Max Yasgur. When the idea for the concert first came up and permits were needed, the organizers estimated there would be 50,000 people, which was a large number. As word of the event spread, it garnered the attention of hippies all around the United States. People wanted to come from nearly every state, and the idea of  having 50,000 crazy hippies in town was no longer appealing, so they withdrew the permit for the concert.

Max Yasgur came forward and offered his farm as the new site for the concert. The organizers had no choice but to accept his offer and so the concert venue had changed to a pig farm. There was no way that anyone could have known the appeal this concert would have on the youth. So many people showed up that the New York State Thruway became a parking lot. Concert goers abandoned their vehicles and began walking to the concert.

There were big names at the concert such as The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. There were so many acts that they had to construct multiple stages to accommodate all the performers who wanted to partake in this once in a lifetime event.

Woodstock has become synonymous with counter-culture, drug use and hippies but ask those in attendance and they will tell you that it was so much more than that. It was a movement of a counterculture who were more in tune with worldly events then at any other time. It was message of peace, harmony and love in a world that was in such a mess. In many ways that message has now been lost forever by a new world of crime, greed, corruption and burglaries… but we can still have the memories and dream of Woodstock.

How to throw an Upscale Party on a Budget

Throwing an upscale party doesn’t require an upscale budget. Impressing your guests with a classy affair without going into debt just takes a little creative thinking. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or celebrating an anniversary, finding ways to cut costs without cutting elegance can make it a night to remember. Prioritize what you want to include in your party. If you really want a band, you might have to sacrifice splurging on a caterer or the venue itself.


  1. Select a venue. If you’re planning on renting a space, contact the venue operator and ask whether he offers a discount for off-nights. Venues may be have greater availability during weeknights or on Sunday, and you might find a big discount. Or simply throw the party at your home or a friend’s upscale house.
  2. Skip the dinner and offer an extended cocktail party. Hire a few professional waiters or waitresses to serve hors d’oeuvres, such as sliced blue cheese on crackers, drizzled with rosemary-infused honey and garnished with thinly sliced scallions. Or simply offer the gig to a few friends or family members looking to make a few bucks. Have them dress in crisp white dress shirts and slacks. Cook the hors d’oeuvres yourself or enlist a few people to help.
  3. Choose music. Professional bands can be pricey, so look into local music schools and ask whether they offer student musicians to play your party. Schedule a visit so you can hear them play. You don’t want a couple of young violinists, who’ve only been playing for a few months. Or if you’re throwing the party at your house, hire a cellist or simply hook up your iPod and mix in elegant music, as well as a few dance numbers if you have the space.
  4. Trim the guest list to only the people you need or really want at the party. You probably don’t need to invite the girl who waves to you at your yoga class. Not only does trimming the list keep the affair more personal, but it also can save hundreds of dollars, depending on the number of people. It also allows you to select a smaller venue, which can save even more money. If you need to invite a large number of guests, such as for a business party, hold the event during the workweek, which allows you to cut back on alcohol purchases.
  5. String up little white lights to give an elegant winter look. Save money on centerpieces by filling up glass bowls with water and have votive candles floating on top. If you feel the need to send out invitations, purchase discounted stationary or use an electronic invitation website, which invites guests through email.

How to throw the perfect mocktail party

Mocktails are just what it sounds like-mock cocktails. There are many opportunities to throw a mocktail party. You can create a fun and festive event without the added alcohol. Mocktail parties can be just as fun as cocktail parties if you approach the event in a fun and entertaining way. Throwing a perfect mocktail party involves planning, creativity, great drink recipes and decorative glasses and napkins. Read on to learn how to throw the perfect mocktail party.


  1. Choose an event that would complement a mocktail party. Maybe a going away lunch for a co-worker or a friend of yours is pregnant and you want to throw her a baby shower. These would be good opportunities for a mocktail party. A mocktail party is a good choice when you want to add a special pizazz to a party but you don’t want to include alcohol.
  2. Choose an array of specialty drink recipes. There are some great fun and fruity flavored recipes for cocktails but you just want to leave out the alcohol. Select at least three different recipes. For example, try a a virgin frozen daquiri, a virgin margarita and soda water with fresh lemon or lime. By choosing at least three different recipes chances are you will have something that will appeal to each of your guests.
  3. Serve each of the drinks in festive colored glassware with some type of decorative item such as a toothpick paper umbrella or a mermaid. Choose something that will coordinate with the rest of the party. Serve the drinks on a party tray to add to the festive mood. Use coordinating napkins. Serve the mocktails to your guests and also leave a “bar” available for them to help themselves.
  4. Play good music. One of the reasons it seems alcohol is served so often at parties is alcohol seems to make some people feel more relaxed. If you key up a creative play list before the party starts you will help set a relaxing but fun atmosphere for the party. Your guests will mingle and indulge in good conversation in no time. You will be on your way to throwing a perfect mocktail party.
  5. Finally, plan a party game. Make sure the game is simple because it is meant only to be an ice breaker. For a baby shower you could collect baby safety pins in a large glass container and offer a prize to whoever guesses the right number. You could have trivia cards around the room and encourage guests to ask each other questions from the list. Tailor the trivia to the type of party you are having. By planning a party game to serve as an ice breaker you get your guests involved in something fun.
  6. Keep your mocktails fresh and well stocked. A blended drink will need to be kept chilled. A soda water with fresh lime will need available ice. Offer to re-fill your guests drinks for them. Keep the party going in a positive up-beat direction.

How to Throw a Candle Party

Throwing a candle party is an ideal solution to sell the candles you made at home, or candles you have through an independent sales company. Going door to door takes time, and you will have to give your demonstrations over and over again. Gathering everyone together in your home for a candle party means only one demonstration and two hours of your time.


  1. Choose a candle company to do business with if you aren’t making your own candles. Always check the company out with the Better Business Bureau. To further make sure the company is legitimate, confirm that it’s a member of the Direct Selling Association. Then examine the companies to see which one has the best products with the highest commission.
  2. Set a date for your candle party. It should be at least three weeks away. Create a list the same day of guests you want to invite. Always invite more guests than you want to make up for the guests that don’t show.
  3. Make your own invitations or use the ones provided by the company for which you are selling the candles. If you are making your own, a simple word-processing program that allows you to add candle clip-art will do. Mail the invitations within a few days of picking the party date.
  4. Plan a few candle games to play during the party. Wrap three different scented candles in dark tissue paper. Have guests smell each and guess what the scent is. Give a small prize to anyone who guesses correctly. Another candle party game involves shouting out candle scents in order of the alphabet. For example, the beginning of your game will sound something like this: apple cinnamon, blackberry, cotton candy.
  5. Set up a snack area. Have a few appetizers or snacks on hand for your guests. Pretzels, cheese and pepperoni, pizza bites and vegetables with dip are all good choices for a candle party. Set out some sparkling cider or wine so your guests have something to drink.
  6. Display your candles on a table that is viewable by all of your guests. Conduct your demonstrations from that table and allow for any questions. Be sure to pass some of the candles around so all of the guests can get a closer look.
  7. Take orders and collect the money once you have finished your demonstration and candle games. During this time, guests can get up and view the items on your table as well as mingle and discuss purchasing options with other guests. Be available to help guests fill out their order forms.
  8. Send the ordered items to your guests, or drop them off yourself to save shipping charges. Give each guest a thank-you card when you give him his candles.

How to Plan a Perfect Summer Party

Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends, share good food, and have your guests linger long into the evening. You want to set a pretty table and create a welcoming atmosphere, but without spending weeks preparing for the big night. Follow these steps for a stylish summer party made simple.

Step 1: Choose a Color Scheme

Creating a pretty and stylish summer table is simple. Start by choosing a color scheme. You don’t want everything to match, but having some direction helps when picking out items.

The season itself can inspire the color scheme, such as nature-inspired hues like ocean blues and grassy greens. One item may also inspire the rest of the party — like a beautiful fabric, such as these napkins.

Once you have your color palette, begin gathering your items!

Step 2: Use a Variety of Shades Within Your Color Palette

For a sophisticated look, don’t rely on one shade of blue and one shade of green. Use varying shades of both for a collected look.

For example, here, you see baby blues all the way to royal blues and mint greens all the way to dark teal. The result is that the overall table has more dimension and visual appeal.

Step 3: Use Fabric for Table Linens

It can be really hard to find beautiful and unique table linens at a reasonable price. Instead of searching for just the right table cloth and napkins for days on end, head to your local fabric store where the options are endless.

Don’t have time or know how to sew? No problem! Use pinking shears to cut your table cloth and napkins to size. The cut left behind keeps the edges from fraying and you have beautiful table linens in record time!

Step 4: Bring The Inside Out

Summer design tips often include the saying, “Bring the Outside In.” Well, for outdoor summer entertaining, bring the inside out! Get outside for your summer gathering — a back porch, patio, or even just out in the grass will do the trick. There is something magical about entertaining out in nature. Create a welcoming environment by bringing decor items from inside your home out to your event.

Make the party feel extra special and comfortable by bringing out some nice chairs to surround your outdoor table.

Take your summer party to the next level by creating a simple lounge area. Throw down a rug (whether you’re on a porch or grass), toss out some floor pillows and a side table or two for drinks.

Step 5: Use Greenery Instead of Flowers

No summer party is complete without greenery. Opting for an all-green palette for your centerpieces in lieu of flowers lends to the casual feel of summer. Plus, it goes with any color scheme!

Grocery store Eucalyptus sprigs create the perfect summer centerpiece, but clippings from your yard work just as well! Group them in several vases for a pretty yet casual statement.

Step 6: Create Simple, Stylish Place Cards

Place cards make your guests feel welcome, but you do not want to spend all day making intricate name tags! Instead, choose a thick scrapbook paper that fits your color scheme. Cut a 4-inch square and fold it in half. Write each person’s name in gold paint pen.

Now the table is set, the lounge is ready, and all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your guests!

How to Join the Republican Party

The Republican Party has both national and state organizations. A contribution to the Party is all that’s needed. However, membership offers many activities, events and volunteer opportunities. This is also the first step in gaining support to run for political office! Read on to learn more.

Join the National Republican Party

  1. Go to the Republican National Committee website (
  2. Notice the Action Center box. A list of activities with a line for joining the party is in the box.
  3. Point your mouse over “Join the GOP Team” and click.
  4. Fill out the form and add a password. The form contains many volunteer activities. See if one suits you or just choose the contribution box.
  5. Notice the “Join” button at the bottom. Click to go to the next page where you finish.

Join Your State Republican Party

  1. Consider joining the Republican Party for your state. Go to the Republican National Committee website (
  2. Click “State Parties” on the tool bar. It takes you to a map of the United States. For example, choose Michigan if that is where you live.
  3. Click your state and see the information to the right of the map. In the Michigan example notice the website address for this state.
  4. Set your mouse over the state’s address and click. You are automatically directed to your state’s Republican Party.
  5. Look for “become a member” or other such words, such as “join” then click. States vary on website appearance.
  6. Follow instructions on the form then submit your information. In the Michigan example, the word “Donate” is at the bottom. Click this. That’s it

How to Host a Clue Party

The popular board game Clue has kept junior detectives entertained for generations. Gathered around the dining room table, players collect enough clues to make an educated guess as to whodunit. Now you can entertain kids with a new version of this old favorite by hosting a party in which the players physically hunt for clues in the actual rooms of your house.

Prepare for the party

  1. Send invitations. A cryptic e-mail will work fine for this game: “You are hereby summoned to a Clue party at the home of (your name) at (time) on (date), where you will investigate the murder of Mr. Boddy. Please come dressed as (choose one of the following for each guest: Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mr. Green, Mrs. White or Mrs. Peacock).”
  2. Decide who will be designated as the murderer, in which room the murder was committed, and with which weapon was used to carry it out. Take the cards that represent each of these elements out of the Clue set and place them in the provided envelope.
  3. Label nine areas of your house by making and hanging poster-board signs that designate each area as one of the rooms in the Clue mansion.
  4. Collect the following “murder weapons:” the revolver (use a toy gun),the candlestick, the knife (use a plastic or rubber one), the rope, the wrench and the pipe.

Play the Game

  1. As the guests arrive, give each of them an envelope containing a suspect card, a weapon card and a room card. Also give them each a game sheet and a pencil (which are provided with the Clue set).
  2. Announce which player will begin the game and which room the game will start in. All players will report to that room.
  3. Explain to the players that they will use the game sheets to take notes and eliminate suspects, weapons and rooms as they play.
  4. Have the first player (A) guess who the murderer was, what weapon was used and in what room the murder was committed. The accused individual (B) then either says to A, “I have none of those cards,” or privately shows one of those cards to A.
  5. Tell Player B that it is now his turn. He may stay in the same room or request that all the players go to a different room.
  6. Play continues until one player decides to make a formal accusation. He does so, and then looks into the envelope that was prepared before the guests arrive. If he is correct, he has won the game. If he is incorrect, he continues to participate but is not allowed to make another guess.

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How to Host a Successful Party

Everyone loves a party but when you’re the host, making sure the event goes as planned can be stressful. Before the big day, take some time to double-check the details and you’ll have a better chance of throwing a successful party.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/c7patropzzgs001agrsm.jpg


  1. Pick a theme for your party. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate but it should be the reason friends are gathering to celebrate. A loved one’s homecoming, an engagement announcement, or a block party to meet the neighbors are only a few examples of party themes; decide upon yours and plan the rest of the party around the theme.
  2. Send out the invitations. Optimally, guests should receive their invitations 2 weeks before the party. This gives them time to schedule the event into their time frame, arrange for babysitters or make travel arrangements. If a guest will be traveling a long ways, the earlier they get the invitation, the better.
  3. Create the proper atmosphere. Parties should be fun. If you’re hosting the party at home, look at your surroundings with a critical eye. Put knickknacks away for a clean look and add a banner or decorations to make the room more festive. Provide adequate seating for your guests.
  4. Schedule the party events. Allow enough time for guest arrival before serving a meal or showing a film. If your party centers around a televised sports event, plan for guests to arrive at least 30 minutes before the event starts. Allow time for latecomers if you’re planning a sit-down meal.
  5. Plan your food list and shop a few days ahead of time. Dishes that can be prepared in advance and frozen will save you much-needed time on the day of the party. If you’re hiring a caterer, she will need lots of advance notice of your menu and the number of guests you are expecting. Popular caterers are often booked months in advance.
  6. Double-check the details the night before the party by doing a quick walkthrough, starting at your front door, as if you were a guest, and proceeding through your home. Make sure there is an area for guest’s coats, extra soap and clean hand towels in the bathroom. Count your serving plates and glasses to make sure there are enough.
  7. Dress early for the party to prevent last minute dashing. Some guests may arrive early and you’ll need to be ready. Preparation is the key to a successful party.
  8. Greet all your guests in person, if possible, and welcome them to your home. Follow your schedule, excusing yourself to tend to party needs and relax. Even in the best-planned events, something inevitably goes awry. Smile and focus on having fun.

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How to Throw The Ultimate Diaper Party

What is a diaper party? Well the diaper party is the man’s version of a baby shower, with a bachelor party twist. There are many ways you can do this. Typically they are located at the bar, although you can do it at the same place as the baby shower. The guys can be in the den watching the football game or in the yard grilling the food for everyone to eat.

The only real rule to a diaper party is that every guest has to bring a bag of diapers. Simple right. Well this will help you will some ways of throwing the party and staying in budget.


  1. First thing you need to do is get with the person planning the baby shower. This might be your wife so it is pretty simple. But if it isn’t then you need to find out who it is and ask them when and where they are planning it.
  2. If the person throwing the party is doing it at their house then you need to ask them if it is okay if you throw a diaper party in their back yard. If they ask tell them. Make sure they know that you plan to bring alcohol. (If you don’t drink then bring other drinks)
  3. Let them know that you are planning on providing Bar B Que for the men to cook while they are out there.
  4. If the person throwing the baby shower has agreed to do this ask them if they can put a note in the invitation about the diaper party and that all men are to bring a bag of diapers.
  5. If the person throwing the baby shower has not agreed to the party and your house is free that is even better because you don’t have to take anything any where. Just ask the person throwing the shower to add that into the invitation. In case the person doing it is a real you know what you might end up having to send out your own which a man’s invitation is typically just word of mouth so you are fine on that one.
  6. After you do that you need to tell your wife that you need Bar B Que food. Or if she is the one throwing the shower then you need to give her a break and go get it yourself. You are the master Quer anyway so go do your thing.
  7. After everyone has started to arrive you are on your own. Make sure that you have everything out for them to do. Basketball, football, a radio with the game on or if at all possible you could move the tv to the patio for them to watch the game while they are out there. Just make sure it isn’t going to rain.

Happy Birthday Songs for Kids from Tutitu.TV

Learning and enjoying while learning are two main phases for a kid’s life. Learning with music and rhythms are the best way of learning. The happy birthday songs for kids may be a rhyme set to music, a song that young children love to share among themselves or a modern creation intended for entertainment, use in the home or as an education. Although children’s songs have been recorded to teach them the best, they appear to be universal in human society. Learning can be fun when it comes to visualizations. Children learn more quickly when show them the facts rather than going on telling them the stories.

Birthday is the occasion where every child wants to be the part of celebration. On this occasion every child loves to hear the greetings and blessings for themselves. To make this occasion more realistic and enjoyable happy birthday songs for kids are the most adorable part that every kid can enchant during the time of celebration. Happy birthday songs for kids are the other way of celebrating birthday in better way. Wordings are simply translated into music with rhythm and sounds. There are many songs for kids that can make them happy and feel special but birthday songs are the only best part of the birthday occasions. Teaching your child a birthday song can be difficult but teaching it with rhymes and videos can be more fun.

Learning phase is one of the most important phases of a child life. Every parent wants that their child should learn the best and grow well; now a days the best way to teach your child new things is as this is the only source where your child can learn new things and enjoy their learning phase as toddlers. has lots of features that grab the attention of your child while learning. Some of the main characteristics of are that it has a huge collection of toddlers learning videos and games. This way of learning will not divert the mind of your child and help them in learning those things which are needed by them at their present age.

These days, parents have their contemplations on essential instruction of children and it is truly vital for them to discover the best place to instruct kids at home. It is capable step taken by a portion of the site to give general features to children from which they will have the capacity to perceive the words and characters before hitting the opposition in schools. Presenting new ways to teach their children new things are one of the easiest ways to handle the children for every parent.

Celebrating Your 25th Birthday – An Important Halfway Point

Life creeps on quickly before you realizing that you have completed the 25 years of your life. The 25th birthday is an important phase of life when you are expected to accomplish something out of your life. It represents an important juncture before that big three-O that you hope to achieve by the 30th year. When you hit thirty, you are supposed to be happily married with a good job and a nice house. By the 25th year, people hope that they are well on their way to get settled within 5 years. It is the time to celebrate and appreciate the path that you have taken out to achieve your dreams. The 25th birthday signifies stability and foundation and hence most of the 25 year grown up look to host a birthday party that is a little more sensible and grown-up.

One of the best ways to celebrate the 25th year is by hosting a theme party. Since the 25 years signifies the silver anniversary, a lot of silver decoration can be added to the party. This adds both elegance and is an interesting theme for the special night. Silver grasses, silver beads and plastic colored silver fedoras are great party favors or prizes for the birthday party games. Silver or platinum colored cups, plates and napkins can usually be found with intricate designs in ink or embossed on them for the guests to eat off of.

The games form an integral part of any birthday celebration. The 25th birthday party games should represent the mid juncture between the youth and maturity. The games can be chosen that would include parents and also their young children together with the couples. Many of the guests will want to bring their children and spouse so this party is more likely to be one of the sedate family get-togethers than the wild parties that are thrown for younger people. Games with reasonable activity levels and simple rules will best bridge the age gap between the guests.

The New York city offers several world renowned hotels and restaurants that provide spectacular event spaces to hold your 25th birthday party. A little bit of imagination and innovation together with the spectacular New York event spaces is sure to make your 25th birthday a most memorable one.

Top 10 Harbin Ice Festival Tours

Ice Festival Harbin offer you top 10 tour packages with the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. You will see the fantastic ice buildings, ice castles, ice sculptures, ice lanterns, and snow sculptures, enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, dog/horse sledding, watch winter swimming performance, make snowman, enjoy the delicious northern Chinese food and Russian food, have a safari in the Siberian Tiger Park, experience the local ice and snow culture, and traditions…All these Harbin Ice Festival Tours are private tours, designed exclusively for you. You may also design it by yourself, and we will do it!

Top 1:
3 Days Harbin Ice Festival Tour
Consistently our best selling Harbin snow ice festival tour. This trip covers theme parks of the ice festival, plus plenty of time to explore the historical and cultural sites in Harbin City.

harbin ice festival tour

Top 2:
3 Days Harbin Ice Festival and Russian Flavor Tour
On this classical trip, we will spend the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, and experience the authentic Russian culture, historical sites and more…

harbin china festival tour

Top 3:
6 Days Ultimate Harbin Tour Package
Spend International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival with Harbin expert guide! Including skiing, ice lantern show, ice and snow sculptures, ice and snow world, winter swimming watching, interesting ice and snow activities, delicious Chinese and Russian food…

china's snow town tour

Top 4:
4 Days Harbin Ice and Snow World Tour
This is a perfect trip to Harbin ice festival 2014! Make safari-style adventure, enjoy skiing in the world-class ski resort, get lost in the wonderland of ice and snow world in the evening and more.

tour harbin ice and snow festival

Top 5:
5 Days Harbin Winter Adventure Tour
The itinerary offers a tour of ice festival including the main attractions in Harbin. An overnight stay in the awesome beautiful China’s Snow Town affords unique opportunities to experience the local peasants’ life as well as dog- sledding or snowmobiling through the forest.

tour China's Snow Town

Top 6:
4 Days Harbin Winter Tour
This Harbin winter trip provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility to see all the highlights of Harbin in winter and experience Harbin’s incredible nature and culture at your own pace. Get intimate contact with the Siberian tigers and have an excellent chance of skiing in Erlongshan Ski Resort.

harbin ice festival tour

Top 7:
3 Days Harbin Family Winter Holidays
This year our NEW family experience program provides winter fun for the entire family. Making a winter trip to Harbin a memory that will never be forgotten. This is not some ordinary theme parks! Ice and Snow World, Ice Lantern Show, Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Siberian Tiger Park, ice skating, sleigh rides, tubing, skiing, and dog sledding are just the beginning of a memorable winter tour to Harbin.

harbin snow festival tour

Top 8:
5 Days Harbin Ski Holidays
This popular tour will give you the opportunity to witness the best of Harbin. The magic, tranquility and stunning beauty of the Harbin’s winter will surround you like a downy quilt. The itinerary includes both skiing in Yabuli and highlights of the ice and snow festival. There’s a lot to see and do on the trip – great scenery is just the beginning.

harbin ski tour

Top 9:
5 Days Unforgettable Harbin and China’s Snow Town Tour
This winter travel package of Harbin will be an unforgettable experience in your life-time, from the ice lantern fair to the ice and snow world, from the International Snow Sculpture Expo to Harbin Polarland, from the Siberian Tiger Park to the Snow Town…this trip has it all. Take your camera, lots of great scenes await!

harbin china tour

Top 10:
5 Days Skiing in Harbin Tour
Experience the most remarkable and unique trip to Harbin where you will be amazed by a blend of ice & snow sculptures and beautiful ice lanterns, with the most fascinating and invigorating winter activities in the city. You will explore Manchu people’s culture & history and enjoy their special food.

tour harbin china

5 Princess Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Birthday parties for kids are getting more convoluted day by day and sometimes a simple theme is not pleasing enough for a kids’ birthday party. Every parent wants to celebrate his/her kids’ birthday party in a very creative, special and organized format. If you are thinking of doing something innovative for your little girl’s upcoming birthday, one great idea would be to implement an exciting princess birthday party theme. Here I will share some creative princess birthday party ideas with you.

1. Princess Theme – A Fantasy Party Your Princess will Love!

Every little girl wants to be a princess and by creating a princess birthday party theme you can make her dream come true. You can select royal colors for the princess theme like purple, pink, gold or silver. According to the color theme, decorate the party area with balloons, streamers, glitters and flags. To give a royal touch to the party you can create a princess castle with a large appliance box and decorate with glitters, markers and crayons. Princess castle will not only provide a great party decoration but it will also serve as a tool of entertainment for your little princess and her friends.

2. Cinderella Theme – Every Little Girl’s Dream

Cinderella birthday party theme with party games, supplies crafts and decorations will really create a great magic in the party. For Cinderella theme you can pick majestic colors like pink, lavender, light blue and white. Then according to the color theme decorate the party area with pink, silver and blue sequins and plenty of balloons and streamers.  Set the table with matching plates, napkins, candies and frosted cupcakes and also create a fancy palace party area for your little cute princess.

3. Fairy Theme – Creating the Magical World of Fairies

Fairy theme is another classic princess birthday party theme idea. Arrange a birthday party in an enchanted fairy garden to give a fascinating look. Decorate the enchanted garden with glittery fairy wings, flower headbands and sprinkle some glitter to give the illusion of fairy dust. Use mushroom toadstools, flower vase glasses, linen napkins, fine porcelain china and cutlery. Set themed interactive activities and games. An enchanted fairy party theme will best suit on the girls between the ages of three to eight.

4. Unicorn Theme – Add Magic & Flare in the Party

The Unicorn princess birthday theme will surely add flare, magic and fantasy to your daughter’s party. Decorate the party area with streamers and balloons and sprinkle some glitter and flowers on the table. Turn your party area into a magical unicorn forest and include themed interactive games like the golden unicorn horn quest.

5. Barbie Theme – The Favorite Princess Birthday Party Theme

Another innovative princess birthday party idea is the Barbie birthday theme. This is an all time favorite of all little girls. The Barbie theme includes Barbie lollipop, lip gloss, gel pens, Barbie invitations, and Barbie gift bags.  Pink or lavender should be the main color schemes for the party. Little girls can bring their Barbie dolls and play dress up.

Although there are almost infinite birthday themes ideas but the above cited princess birthday party themes are the most popular themes for birthday girls. Opting these popular princess birthday party themes will certainly make your little girl’s birthday a very memorable event.