Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers

If your toddler’s birthday is near, you’ll probably looking for some cool party ideas for him or her. There are a lot of things that you can do to celebrate and it will all depends on the age and the number of guests that you plan on inviting. Remember though that your party should be simple enough to keep the rowdiness level down for your toddler.

Know Your Child
During the first few years of your son or daughter’s life, he or she will usually be more clingy and dependent on you. But if there are other toddlers around, he/she may want to break away and play with other toddlers. The theme that you should set for your child’s party should be based on his or her behavior. If your son or daughter is always clinging for your attention, then it is better to apply a simple party with limited activities. You can set up some fun activities for older children. For your toddler, you can also setup some activities or games that will distract him or her while you entertain the guests.

Who Should Be Invited?
Remember that toddlers are generally shy, especially during their first years in the world. He or she can be quickly be overwhelmed by meeting a lot of people at once. So, try to make the invite list short and only invite a handful of friends and family members.

Decorating for Themes

You need to choose the type of theme for the birthday party. If you like to make your child’s party unique then you can set a 70’s or 80’s inspired party where the guests will be wearing colorful clothes and items. The costumes will actually make your toddler happy since he will instantly notice the flash of different colors. You can also set a baseball or basketball inspired party where your guests will be wearing jerseys and colorful shorts.

Another cool theme that you can use is a superhero theme. Superheroes are great themes for parties since they have colorful costumes and they are a hit when it comes to young children. Both kids and adults will surely have some loads of fun if you set a superhero inspired birthday party. You can ask them to wear colorful costumes, capes and masks. You can also set some games based on a superhero theme.

Games and Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers
When planning activities and games, you need to be mindful of your toddler’s tolerance for noise.. Kids love dress-up and they certainly love balloons. However, if you plan to make a balloon bursting game, your toddler might not like the loud noises. So, you need to choose some activities that does not involve loud noises or small parts which your toddler might accidentally swallow.