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Picture 1.    This map was originally from a rather unusual miniature atlas, it has since been taken out, it has a fold down the middle as is entirely usual for antique maps, as it is small it is not highly detailed but it is very charming and makes an attractive decorative piece to hang on the wall. Year of print: 1887.
Picture 2.    BOWEN, EMAN. A NEW & ACCURATE MAP OF CHINA, DRAWN FROM SURVEYS MADE BY THE JESUITE MISSIONARIES, By Order Of The Emperor. The Whole Regulated By Numerous Astronomical Observations. By Eman. Bowen. T. WOODWARD, S. BIRT, ETC. LDN. 1748. MOHC. CENG. From Vol.2 page 961, John Harris, Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca. Or, a complete collection of voyages and travels. Folio. Attractive cartouche with two mandarins in a landscape. Upper right restored. Light offsetting.
Picture 3.    BELLIN, JACQUES NICOLAS. LA CHINE AVEC LA COREE ET LES PARTIES DE LA TARTARIE LES PLUS VOISINES TIREE DES CARTES QUE LES JESUITES MISSIONAIRES ONT LEVEES LES ANNEES 1708 JUSQU'EN 1717. DIDOT. PARIS. c1748. CENG. Northern China and Korea. Very detailed. From Jesuite missionary maps. From Tome V of Abbe Prevost's Historie generale des voyages.
Picture 4.    BONNE, RIGOBERT. EMPIRE DE LA CHINE, RME. DE COREE ET ISLES DU JAPON. PARIS. 1780. PHC. CENG. Skillful modern part color. Slight marginal worming. Some offsetting.
Picture 5.    ARROWSMITH, AARON/J.H. SEYMOUR. CHINA. 1805. PHC. CENG. From Arrowsmith's Map of Asia. School atlas map. Later coloring.
Picture 6.    HALL, SIDNEY. MAP OF CHINA, Engraved For The Modern Traveller, By Sidney Hall. JAMES DUNCAN. LDN. 1827, DECR. 1. OHC. CENG. Detailed small map. Later coloring. Dry and fragile, repairs on reverse.
Picture 7.    DANKWORTH, E. CHINESE EMPIRE AND JAPAN. CAREY & LEA. PHILA. 1832. PHC. CENG. Polar projection. Quite detailed, shows Great Wall and Hoan Ho and Yangtse Rivers. China at its largest extent. Plate 62 from Carey & Lea's Family Cabinet atlas. First American edition... With text leaf. Margin stains.
Picture 8.    Kingdome of China, 1626.
Picture 9.gif.    Empire of Japan. Copper etching by Lowry drawn under the direction of M. Arrowsmith and published June 1, 1807 in London. Modern hand coloring.
Picture 10.gif.    Carte des Decouvertes Faites en 1787 dan les Mers de chine et De Tartarie ou depuis Manille jusqua Avatcha..... Copper etching by Bouclet from Atlas du Voyage de la Prouse (# 39). Ca. 1800. Recent hand coloring.
Picture 11.gif.    Empire de la Chine, Royaume de Coree et Isles Du Japon. Copper etching by Andre for Rigobert Bonne (1729-1795). Published about 1770. Modern hand coloring.
Picture 12.gif.    et des Royaumes de Coree et de Iapan. Copper etching after Jean Baptiste d'Anville, ca 1735-1740. Modern hand coloring.
Picture 13.    Manchu (Jurchen) Empire.
Picture 14.    Beginning of the Mongol Empire (in 1234).
Picture 15.    Mongol empire and countries conquered by the Mongols.
Picture 16.    Religions in Asia up to the 14th Century AD.
Picture 17.    Limits of Tang Dynasty of China in 700 AD.
Picture 18.    The Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 A.D.-Boundaries of 1580 A.D.
Picture 19.    Title: A new Map of Great Tartary and China... from A New Sett of Maps both of Antient and Present Geography, an atlas compiled by the geographer and mathematician Edward Wells (1667-1727). Year made: 1704.
Picture 20.    Imperii Sinarvm, by Wolters, Amsterdam, 1697.
Picture 21.    La Chine, Le Rouge, 1748, Paris.
Picture 22.    Empire de la Chine, Vaugondy, Paris, 1749.
Picture 23.    Carte du Katay ou Empire de Kin, pour Servir a l'Histoire de Jenghiz Khan, by Bellin, 1749, La Haye.
Picture 24.    Carte du Katay ou Empire de Kin, pour Servir a l'Histoire de Jenghiz Khan, by Bellin, 1749, La Haye.