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Income in Korea
According to the Korean National Statistical Office, the average monthly income per household with more than 2 people as of April 2005 is of 2,941,190 wons (3166$USD per month at the exchange rate of April 8th, 2006). The income is significantly higher in urban areas where it reaches 3,018,650 wons compared to 1,985,856 wons in rural areas. The lower income in the countryside has a small impact on the national average since only 7.1% of South Korean households are related to farming and 0.4% to fisheries (2004 census).

Notes: (i) The above figures are not limited to the workers households; (ii) The figures correspond to the income before deductions (12% on average) but not including the year-end bonus (20-30%) - the actual net income is estimated to be 8-18% higher.

South Korea. Population as of 2005: 48.8 million.