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Cost of Living in Korea
Items at the Store   Cost (Wons)
0.5 liter bottled water 600
One apple 1,000
One bagel 600
One instant noodle (ramyun) 550-800
One small snack (like a small bag of chips) 500
One pack of cigarettes 2,500-3,000
One soda 250 ml 500
One 1L carton of milk 1,300-1,700
One bottle of beer 1,400-3,500
20 tablets of aspirin 2,000
Bandages (box of 20, assorted sizes) 1,000
One DVD movie 20,000-25,000
One Music CD 15,000
One newspaper 500-700
One small book 8,000-12,000
At the Restaurant   Cost (Wons)
Large Pizza 10,000-25,000
Starbucks coffee americano (tall) 3,000
Big Mac Set 4,500
Whopper Set 5,500
Bibimbap meal for 1 person 5,000-8,000
Kimbap roll 1,000-4,000
Plate of Jajangmyun 2,500-4,000
Samgyupsal meal (per person) 10,000-50,000
Tonkasse meal (per person) 6,000-15,000
Roll of sushi 7,000-12,000
Multi-course meal at italian restaurant (per person, excluding wine) 25,000-70,000
Multi-course meal at french restaurant (per person, excluding wine) 30,000-80,000
Multi-course "royal dinner" at korean restaurant (per person) 60,000-100,000
One Bottle of Beer 2,500-10,000
One Bottle of Soju 1,500-3,000
Entertainment   Cost (Wons)
One movie at the cinema per person 7,000-8,000
PC-bang (PC room) per person per hour 1,000-2,000
Norebang (karaoke room) per hour for 2-6 people 5,000-10,000
DVD-bang (private movie theater) per movie for 2 people 10,000-12,000
Transportation   Cost (Wons)
One liter of gasoline 1,400
Cost for changing muffler (20 min job) 90,000
Bus ride within Seoul city limits (possibility of discount when transferring to subway) 800
Bus ride from the suburbs to Seoul (no discount when transferring to Seoul city buses or subway) 1,400
Subway ride not exceeding 12 km (100 wons for each additional 6 km) 800
Subway ride to the suburbs 1,400
Regular taxi startup fare up to 2 km 1,900-2,300
Regular taxi fare for 1 km 700-900
Regular taxi fare per minute 170-200
Deluxe taxi startup fare up to 3 km 4,500
Deluxe taxi fare for 1 km 1,200
Deluxe taxi fare per minute 300
South Korea. Population as of 2005: 48 million.