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Plan A Destination Wedding To Take Your Marriage Vows

California, the third largest state in America is a diverse collection of natural wonders. From the beaches to mountains and deserts to valleys, plateaus and basins, California with its rich natural diversity is an ideal location for destination weddings.

What are destination weddings?

Simply put a destination wedding is the celebration of the wedding ceremony in a place which is away from home. It generally takes place in some picturesque destination around the world. With many places to choose from around the world, couples are generally spoilt for choice. Yet it has been seen that California destination weddings are increasingly becoming popular because they:

  • Offer a wide variety of picturesque locales like the Napa Valley, the Orange County, and San Diego etc.
  • Are extremely affordable and offer comfortable choices for
    • Intimate and private weddings,
    • Weddings with limited group of friends and
    • Grand weddings with hundreds of guests.

Some locations offered by California

Some locations which have gained popularity for being the ideal hosts to several California destination weddings are:

  • The Orange County: Luxurious beaches and beautiful seaside hotels make this place an ideal destination for couples looking for a sun and surf type of wedding.
  • Los Angeles: This dream city where the rich and famous stay is well-known for its ritzy yet classically chic weddings.
  • San Diego: This place has the sun shining almost throughout the year. Hence anyone looking for a down-to-earth locale steeped in history would find the sunny San Diego an ideal location.
  • San Francisco: This place has a charm and sophistication of its own and people looking for a perfect backdrop for their wedding photos would find this place pretty attractive and enduring.
  • Napa valley: Famous for its vineyards, the Napa Valley is full of breathtaking scenery and understated elegance making it an ideal place for a destination wedding.

Things to keep in mind when opting for a destination wedding

Since the wedding effectively takes place at a place away from home, it is best to

  • Select the wedding destination with the help of a travel agent and destination wedding planner so that the feasibility of the plan can be checked out,
  • Start planning for the wedding around 9 to 15 months in advance,
  • Check out the legal requirements of getting married in the destination chosen and get the legal documents and formalities in place before proceeding for the wedding destination,
  • Inform the guests in advance so that they can plan and budget accordingly.

The wedding planners should also ensure the availability of an onsite wedding coordinator who can help iron out any problems that crop up during the course of the stay for the wedding.

This Is How Significant the Hirofouna Festival Is

fprotocollebThe Hirafouna festival is held to bring together small and medium companies that are in the business of arts and crafts. Patriarch Saint Nasrallah Botrous Sfeir has been tasked with the responsibility of directing the activities of the exhibition. If you are in the field of painting, making of sculptures and other handmade house accessories then this exhibition is for you. Gather together with other friends of FProtocol to showcase your talent to the world.

Your skill, your livelihood

It is encouraged that those with live skills to come and sell them just as the others are doing. The Hirafouna festival held severally over the years has raised quite a lot of money for the exhibitors because art is a commodity that cannot be replicated. When you are in the business of handicrafts and you discover this concept, then the profit making aspect of business is realized.

Music you know

Since an exhibition in most cases lasts for the whole day, FProtocol organizers have stand by entertainment to keep the crowd lively. Apart from recorded music, there are also live singers that hype the participants. It is always refreshing to carry out an interesting activity with your favorite music singing in the background. The music mixes heard at these events are bound to be sort for afterwards by people who are holding private functions and are looking for sound services. It is therefore important to do your best if called to perform at such an event because it may create future opportunities.

The Lebanese cuisine

The Hirafouna festival is also an opportunity for traditional Lebanese cooks to run food kiosks. The busy modern lifestyle that makes people all around the world to opt for takeout, fast foods and quick fix meals is not a strange concept here. This is therefore a prefect even for people to sample some of their traditional foods. Since it is an exhibition, these foods are normally prepared with the ingredients and equipment used traditionally. It is a good opportunity therefore to learn one or two culinary tricks which you can later use to charm your family and friends.

Bring your family

Exhibitions organized by FProtocol are usually family events with an item of interest for every member. We will therefore provide a kids section where there will be games and goodies specially prepared with kids in mind. As you enjoy the art, music and food of the day, keep an eye on your child to avoid time wastage in the event that they get lost into the crowd.

Tourist attraction

For tourists and foreign nationals working in Lebanon, schedule your stay to coincide with this exhibition. It is a perfect opportunity to sample the food, music and hospitality of the people. This is also a great pass time for students and scholars in these parts of the world. Instead of getting bored in your room during the duration of the exhibition, just step out and experience the creativity of other people.

Jal El Dib, Lebanon
+961 4 722 795-6

Get Flowers Delivered At Your Doorstep For Every Occasion

Flowers are the ideal way to send good wishes for any and every occasion. They are easy to get and universal in appeal thereby bringing a smile on the face of every person who gets them. Hence today more and more people opt for floral bouquets and arrangements when they want to send greetings and wishes.

Flowers and their meanings

But to get flowers delivered by any Los Angeles flower delivery shop, it is important to know the significance of the flowers being sent. Only then will the flowers be able to convey your true feelings to the person concerned. Meanings of some commonly sent flowers are:

  • Carnations: Available in a wide variety of colours, these flowers symbolise love, pride, beauty and fascination. They are among the most popular flowers sent and are immensely appreciated by one and all.
  • Daisies: These beautiful blooms are the universal favourites for spreading joy and happiness all around. They symbolise an innocent beauty which brings a lot of joy and happiness to the person to whom the flowers are sent.
  • Iris: Known for their elegant beauty, these flowers symbolise faith in life, hope for good things to come and wisdom to deal with whatever obstacles come in the journey of life.
  • Orchids: These exotic flowers represent a delicate beauty which is rare. It creates a lasting impression on the person for whom they are sent. These tropical flowers have an appeal which is undeniable but since they are delicate flowers, most florists like the Los Angeles flower delivery discourage outstation delivery of the same.
  • Lilies: Symbolising a refined beauty this flower is known to portray a fusion of emotions like modesty, virginity, passion, gaiety, sweetness and purity of heart. Hence lilies can be sent on a lot of occasions and they too are quite popular.
  • Roses: Celebrated and revered as the symbol of love and passion, the rose has even found mention in the history books. The act of giving roses is an age old fashion which has till date not lost its appeal. It definitely portrays the matters of heart very eloquently.
  • Sunflowers: These flowers have a unique quality of always looking up to the sun and following it throughout the day. Hence it symbolises adoration, devotion, warmth and loyalty. It is also thought to be a symbol of longevity.
  • Tulips: These flowers are said to be indicative of “the perfect love” and impart grace and elegance to places where they are displayed.

Hence with all the flowers symbolising different meanings, it is very important to send meaningful flowers to people based on the reason for which they are sent.


Having A Fun-Filled Laguna Beach Vacation Experience

Many people would want to spend some time away from the hustles and bustles of fast paced life and take some time to chill out. If you are a person who is looking out for such experience then it is better that you head to a perfect kind of rental vacation spot that offers you with comfort, luxury and most importantly privacy. Taking some time out for yourself in a rental vacation spot along the beach side is definitely going to provide you with the much needed relaxation and comfort. You will have to look into each and every aspect with regard to the rental vacation spot and then make an informed decision in this regard.

Laguna Beach vacation rentals

There are many Laguna Beach vacation rentals that you get to find but not all of them turn out to give the kind of luxury and comfort that you would expect to receive. The Sunset Cove Villas is one of the best and most popular Laguna Beach vacation rentals that offer you with a completely interesting sort of vacation experience. You can just unwind and relax in this beautifully located sea side spot. It provides you with eight exclusive and distinct villas with single, double and three bedroom facilities.

The rental spaces are decorated in a professional manner and ensure to provide you with complete experience. Each and everything in the Laguna beach resort is designed in such a way that it is able to offer ultimate comfort, luxury and pleasure to those who get to stay there.

Enjoyable experience

There is a separate kitchen space that comes along with the villa for you to cook and enjoy your favorite food. The interiors comes with tile floors, granite counter tops, cabinets that are custom made, well equipped kitchen space, great appliances and everything that is needed for a comfortable stay. There is also an entertainment center found offering you with televisions, DVD player and CD player. Apart from this, you will also get to see additional televisions in each of the master bedroom.

You can also find a dedicated and well managed data communication line and telephone facility which helps you to communicate in an efficient manner.  The Sunset Cove Villas is a dedicated space offering you with complete fun, entertainment and enjoyment all along. If you are looking to spend your vacation in the best possible way and have a relaxing time then you should choose this option.

The Best Event Venue For Fulfilling Experience

When it comes to cherishing and celebrating the best moments of life, we would definitely want to go with the best location that would accentuate the overall experience and make us feel on top of the world. The kind of venue that you are choosing would have a great impact over the way you get to enjoy the whole event and this is why you need to make sure to put in some time and focus on picking out the finest venue for the best moment in your life.

Beach view venue

If you are looking for a perfect beach view celebrating venue in California then it is high time you get to know about Seven-Degrees events venue in California. It is one of the hot and happening spots that open you up to a wide range of possibilities all along. The award winning venue is the best event space you get to see alongside Laguna Beach that is set to provide you with a completely enthralling kind of experience. Each and every spot of the venue reflects style, elegance, luxury and comfort and is set to provide you with exceptional kind of experience overall.

Great spot

Apart from providing with stunning angles and exceptional experience, it also turns out to be an ideal spot for almost all kinds of events and celebrations. Be it a lavish wedding or a great celebration or party, this is the ideal place to choose if you are looking to get exceptional kind of experience out of it on the whole. The place is perfect for art exhibitions, events or any kind of celebration for that matter.

It is a 25,000 sq ft space offering a complete experience for guests and hosts. The venue team would coordinate to provide with the best sort of experience that anyone can imagine taking one to a whole new world of fun and enjoyment. Known to have good eye for details, the place is definitely the best you can choose when it comes to having a cherished and wonderful memory of an event or celebration.

Seven Degrees is definitely the best spot that you can choose when it comes to celebrations, fun, enjoyment and a great experience overall. Make sure that you take a tour of the event venue website in order to know what you can expect out of it. It is definitely the best venue alongside the splendid Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach : A nice place for  Vacation

Laguna Beach is a popular beach town located in sunny southern, California. The area gained further attention after MTV’s hit show, Laguna Beach - “The Real OC aired in 2004. Laguna can be found south of Los Angeles, in Southern Orange County. Home to beautiful beaches, some of California’s finest museums, and art festivals, Laguna Beach is a destination for people of all ages!

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The normal cost of a daily rental in Laguna Shoreline is $394 while the normal cost of a week by week rental is $2026. For those searching for more than a transient rental, for example, corporate rentals, amplified stays or long haul rentals, the normal month to month cost of a Laguna Shoreline home is $6637.

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Read This to know abou the Best Occasion Venue

Seven-Degrees is a grant winning venue offering full-administration occasion coordination and plan. A clear canvas surrounded by the clearing gulches of Laguna Shoreline, our unmistakable space is only the start of your experience. Weddings, craftsmanship appears, and occasions of numerous types are molded here. Each occasion is another, solitary, stand-out establishment fitting conscientious instinct with outline driven sharp. We have played maker and host to design appears, celebrations, philanthropy suppers, workmanship displays, weddings, and recompenses services. We are a venue that is alive and beating, and can be formed to suit your artful culmination.

Seven-Degreesis an occasion venue, as well as offers full administration occasion arranging that weds style and substance. The innovative staff of occasion virtuosus and hand-chose temporary workers exceeds expectations at both making and planning every subtle element of the experience. Through their scene of administrations and custom choices, each occasion at Seven-Degrees is a solitary, stand-out innovation. From in-house providing food and refreshment administrations to florals and stylistic theme. Broad in-house sound/visual capacities incorporate retractable extensive screen projection frameworks, plasma and LCD screens, zoned sound framework, sight and sound showcase, video catch and telecast ability from advanced cameras situated all through the office, and insightful lighting frameworks including full-room shading wash capacity.

Seven-Degrees is the juxtaposition of refined extravagance and cutting edge points. Assembled in 2001, the present day design piece is a canvas for inhabitant specialists and occasions. From the littlest, seven-degree corner after which it’s named, to the local succulent arranging and contemporary rooms, the venue has numerous features and boundless open doors. Outside, you have admittance to our porch sitting above Laguna Gully, the greenery enclosures carved into the Gully Divider, and our yard arranged over the appreciated promenade. Inside, you have entry to 25,000 sq. ft. of imaginative stylistic theme with in-house sound and visual abilities all through our headliner space and breakout rooms.