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Nothing Like a Limousine Spells “Special Occasion” for Celebrations and Parties

Nothing spells “special occasion” like a beautiful pearl-white limousine. When you hire a limousine in Australia, you will find limo agencies that offer a variety of makes and models. While black is a traditional limo colour, white is often featured today instead.

A 12-passenger Limo

For example, the 2015 Chrysler 300C limousine is a limo for hire in Perth. The lengthy Chrysler has been a popular choice for at least a decade. Holding up to 12 passengers, the 12m stretch limo holds two more passengers than the older Chrysler 300C limo, a vehicle that boasts only a 10-passenger capacity.

It is not surprising that when you think of a limo, you equate the vehicle with such words as opulence, class and style. Limo rides are smooth and block out the superfluous noise outside. The pearl-white Chrysler 300 limousine showcases features that are incomparable. The car features a middle-entry gull wing door, a high-fidelity entertainment system and the type of striking design made for a night on the town.

A One-of-a-kind Limousine

Today’s white limos also include such vehicles as the Grand Cherokee. This one-of-a-kind jeep limousine features 3 LED colour-changing bars, a tri-colour interior and an infinity ceiling. The audio in the car is notably crystal-clear, so it’s yet another vehicle to consider when you are in the mood to celebrate.

With any limo car, you can enter and exit the vehicle with ease, which is good to know if you arriving in style at a grand premiere or event. Some of the deluxe-model limousines are outfitted with piano-black bars and splash-backs made of stainless steel. Dance the night away on colour-changing floors accompanied by a high-line audio-visual system.

Of all the limos in Perth, the Cadillac Escalade 14-passenger limo is distinctively the longest of the stretch limos. Measuring over 10 metres in length, the 2008 model boasts additional headroom, leg room and hip room as well.

The Ideal Wedding Limo

Therefore, you won’t have to squeeze several people in the back seat. The additional room is really there. Fourteen passengers can be seated in the ultra-plush seats without any sort of disparity. That is why the Cadillac Escalade is the ideal car to hire for a wedding party or large corporate celebrations.

Are you planning a big event? Is it a formal occasion? Then you need to find limo services that offer a fairly good selection of limo luxury cars. The aforementioned cars are just a small sample of which limo cars are available today. In the past, the limo was only available to dignitaries, politicians and celebrities. Now even the guy next door can hire a limo to take him and his friends around the town or to a special event.

If you want to plan big, make sure you choose a limousine to take you to and from events, making it possible for you to arrive in style. You don’t have to live in Hollywood either. Limos are featured all across the continent of Australia too.