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Five Limousine Options for Special Occasions

If you are considering hiring a limousine for a wedding or another special occasion, many limousine companies offer a variety of vehicles from which to choose. While you’ve probably seen stretch limousines on the street, they are only one type of limo you can hire. Here are some of the choices you have when you are looking to hire a limousine.

Sedan Limousines

A sedan limousine is nothing more than a chauffeur driven luxury sedan. For most limousine companies, this type of car is usually their least expensive option and it is typically used to take people to the airport, or businesses may hire them to drive visiting executives or clients. Most luxury sedans seat three to four passengers, so hiring a sedan limo could be a good choice if you want to impress a date.

SUV Limousines

For small groups who want to go out for a special night or go on a wine tour, an SUV limousine is a good option. These limousines typically seat between five and six people, depending on the vehicle’s configuration. They offer the room needed for everyone to feel comfortable during your excursion or night on the town.

Stretch Limousines

This is the limousine that most people are familiar with because they may have been in one that was hired for a wedding or for a school dance. The entire wedding party will easily fit inside a stretch limo, as they designed to carry six to twelve passengers, depending on how they are configured. If you want to take the guys out for a last night on the town before getting married or if you and some friends want to chip in to take your dates to your school’s dance, a stretch limousine is the perfect transportation option.

Stretch Hummer Limousines

Many companies, such as Hummer City Limousine, offer stretch Hummer limousines for hire to get your wedding party to the church on time. They are a good option for taking a hens or bucks party out to the clubs to celebrate the bride’s or groom’s pending marriage. These vehicles typically seat 15 to 20 people comfortably and many limo companies stock them with beverages and party supplies so you can get your night started in the vehicle.

Vintage Limousines

Most vintage limousines only seat two passengers, so they are a great choice for whisking away the bride and groom after they’ve said their “I do’s.” Many people are choosing to dress in vintage attire for their weddings, so hiring a vintage car that is in the same era of the wedding’s theme would be the perfect touch. You may have to shop around to find vintage limousines because not every limo company has them in their fleet.

The type of limousine you hire will depend on the occasion for which you are hiring it and the number of passengers being transported. Most limousines are hired by the hour, but you may save some money by asking about specials for weddings and school balls, or for hiring their services during off-peak hours.