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Leeds Festival Tickets

After a successful first year in Leeds, a continued resurgence in the popularity of outdoor music festivals led to the Reading festival selling out more and more quickly every year. The Leeds leg, however, was plagued by riots and violence which led to problems in retaining its licenceThe worst of these was in 2002, after which Mean Fiddler moved the festival to Bramham Park, near Bramham north-east of Leeds in 2003. Since then, security at both sites has increased and problems have been reduced. Although the Bramham Park site presents more challenges to the stage builders, it is far better suited to the needs of festival goersThe early 2000s saw a varied but predominantly rock line-up, though as the decade has progressed the Main Stage and Radio 1 Stage line-up has featured mostly Indie artists. However, one day  is still traditionally set aside for hard rock and metal.
Last year, the stages were graced with the presence of Metallica, The Killers, Bloc Party, The Cribs, CSS, Queens Of The Stone Age and Vampire Weekend amongst many, many other artists at the festivals that take place over August Bank Holiday weekend (28-30 August)..

Leeds Festival is the sister to the long standing Reading event with performances from lovable indie lads, Blur and an amazing set from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.The first event was held in Temple Newsham Park, however, after some trouble the event was moved in 2003 to a new home Branham Park.
Amidst the commerciality which has been the butt of the discerning festival goer’s jokes, The Carling Weekend has pulled in many huge acts from all genres of music.
leeds festival director by  Mean Fiddler’s director of festivals, Melvin Benn is one of the most powerful men in the UK festival industry, with Glastonbury, Homelands, and Reading/Leeds all part of his portfolio of responsibility. From his calm manner, you wouldn’t think this is one of the busiest men in music but perhaps that’s exactly the quality you need to succeed when dealing with dilemas by the dozen load, in his case over two sites hundreds of miles apart! Today he kick-starts a series of fortnightly interviews, as VF quizes all the main festival organisers about their events and where they might be going next year - starting with the Carling Reading and Leeds festivals, held consecutively every August bank holiday weekend.

Leeds festival line up include Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead,Rage Against The Machine, The Killers, Metallica,Razorlight, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins,Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Pearl Jam.

How to Host Murder Mystery Party?

Have you all walked on to the ramp of fun, music & desserts in parties & night outs? Your eye lit up. I’m sure, you all have. Hey, you party freaks! Have you ever attempted or witnessed murder? Believe me! It will leave you tickling funny bones. Come on! Don’t be confused. Let me reveal what I have in my veil. It’s Murder Mystery party in perfect Scottish style! What are you waiting for? Run over your eyes along my murder mystery write-up.

At one moment you will get the exact feel of party-visitor. But be alert as the very next moment can take your breath away in this party. It unfolds every shade of human life, either its light or grey. Thrill is its real essence. So, here we step-in the actual euphoria via murder mystery designed in easier way:

Step 1: Dressed-up in character style, your invited guests will hit the party in disguise. Distribute chits to each & every character. Now, your guests will have every detail in chits to live 2 hours among alien characters & for self too. Let they, themselves, slip in that strange character as per handful of acting tips mentioned in chits.

Step 2: Now, you take up the stage as host. Raise a toast with an introduction to the party. Read apparently how the night will proceed; how the mystery will make a round. But, there will be no proper script.

Step 3: Mingling will grow intimacy among guests. Sensation will grip the air. Each guest will have readymade envelop in hand. This intimacy will fuel up sleuthing. See your friends growing cunning during this amusing play.

Step 4: What, Murder occurs! It will not be dreaded lulls.

Step 5:  Halt! Here comes the investigator. Investigator will exchange words for further proceeding. All will get vivid description of future play, more info & objective to move on the party.

Step 6: Investigator will present evidence. Guest will start reviewing the evidence before making final accusation. Determining fate will fetch grim & profuse fun.

Step 7: Now, host will hand out accusations sheets. Guests will stress their mind to pick out the murderer. Award ceremony will come out as stress buster. Voting will occur for the best dressed, best acting etc..

Step 8: Finally, Murder mystery will be cracked. Investigator will unveil the mystery reading explanation & will distribute awards.

Instead of sitting around table and saying ‘cheers’, you will have burst into unparalleled entertainment.  Without any proper scripting, utilising no pencils, you will do conspiracies, weave traps. Seriousness and gloom will never appear in their actual face. They will reflect as if jokes are cracked. Complications will itself say ‘I am not so complicated at all’.  No guest will feel alone. None will be sidelined as intricacies will accomplice you too. You won’t believe witnessing how really hypocrite, shrewd & cunning your friends are. Spontaneity lies in every character that keeps the party alive!